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Aaron Finch flops, Matthew Kuhnemann stars, wickets, runs

Australia lost to third-placed ODI Sri Lanka and narrowly lost four games in four games in Colombo.

This means that after losing the T20 leg of the trip, Sri Lanka beat the ODI series.

Here is how every Australian was in the fourth ODI.

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Aaron Finch – 2

0 Lost 4

It was a very strong and much-needed visit to Aaron Finch in Sri Lanka, but it could all end with a sour taste in his mouth. Australia lost to the ODI series and returned to normalcy for Finch, a four-ball duck. The expulsion tactic was common. Australia’s deportation has begun as severely as possible – there were still more than 1-3 tourists.

Finch has previously won six of seven games in the T20I and ODI series. He had previously been a great captain on the field – three bowlers first picked up wickets and made a short, efficient turn. Maxwell, for example, took a wicket with the second ball, before the next pass for 9 runs. Finch immediately connected, and his replacement Cummins immediately touched the wicket. Finch was cruel to the high-speed bowlers and the way he ran the field – especially to death – but was interrupted by his inability to use Kuhmanman in the middle. Individually, he managed to hit the finish line straight, but Camika’s frustration saved him, and he had a successful DRS review.

David Warner – 9

99 of 112

The Australian star, who played alone at night with the rest of his teammates as they struggled to make it to the 30th, Warner hit the night with seven different batting partners and put them in one run. Century. How did Australia want it to be a little longer, when it was the third wicket in many overcrowded areas at the crucial point of the game? It was a large bowling alley from Dananjaya de Silva that caused the uncertainty to take Warner out of the relationship as he sought a balanced relationship. However, his 99 made it look like Hercules considering that there were no Australian beats in the 8:30 highest.

Australian star with bat.
Australian star with bat.Source: AFP

Mich Marsh 8

26 of 27

2-29, Economy 4.14

Finch played a key role in keeping Australians on a strong footing after the start of the season. With 1-3, Australia came from three rebounds and 1-66 after 11.3. Few would have had time to run a nightclub, and things would have been very different if Mars had survived. Dunet Welllaje sailed for 26 after grabbing one and grabbing the outer edge of the gear.

With the ball, the first wicket bag, and then the wicket girl back to attack to break up a big partnership. Filled with martial arts, Marsh hit the wicket hard. After a weak return match last season, he needed a response and made it 2-29 out of seven games. And he did not back down during the holidays! Increased running for good measurement.

Marnes Labushagn – 3.5

14 missing 21

0-13, Economy 6.50

You can imagine that Labushang wants time again here. Weak shots as he tries to hit the line and Jeffrey Vandersay. It does not sit well, especially if you are watching the ball and hitting the stumps. As regular wickets continue to fall, Australia will need more than a handful.

As is often the case, the ball bounced in and out, but it was not dangerous.

Alex Carey – 4.5

19 out of 20

At this point it was a common story for Australia. It was the third batch in a row for Kerry to come to the creek, get inside the cabinets, and then see everyone go up in smoke before making any real impact. He wanted to go hard on the Windu Hassaranga – and if he could get a couple more meters to clear the border, the night might be a little different. He played a big game, a big prize game and finally paid the price.

Earlier, the glove maker was about to make the first wicket stamping perfect hash, but it was done, and in the same simple run later made no mistake. Finch is stuck on his gun to convince LBW to evaluate it successfully.

Can withstand pressure in Aussie SL | 01:00

Head of Travis – 5

27 of 33

The head smashed from 33 balls to 27 balls. There was a huge gap between his bat and the pad, which he saw passing through Dananjaya. Australia were on the verge of winning at the time but a head-on collision led to a defeat which made the game a favorite in Sri Lanka.

Glen Maxwell – 3.5

1 is missing 3

1-49, Economics 6.12

Maxwell’s bat, which lasted only three innings and played around the mahogany, was a catastrophe. Considering Maxwell’s potential injury, the pressure on Warner was great during the game, which was at the turn of the century.

Australia’s part-time timer had to stop. Maxwell, who was beaten in recent games, came off the field with a stunning bowling alley on his second ball. Maxwell saw Dickwela preparing to fill the wicket and responded well. It was good to deliver Joker. He could not hold things in the middle and finished 1-49 in more than eight. He stopped at a crucial moment in the first Innings to say goodbye to Dhananjayan.

Cameron Green – 4

13 of 25

0-27, Economy 4.50

After the faucet, at least after Head, Maxwell and Warner were fired. But that cost him his 25-yard touchdown pass, hitting Green at just 52.00. It was a very ordinary farewell on the 46th, as Green was hit on the back foot and hit by a slide.

Sometimes the ball does not hit the field enough. Bowling is very spacious and regular. But he grew up well with the Innings and finished with a score of 0-27 more than five – a crucial factor in his ability to keep things to five.

Pat Cummins – 8.5

2-37, Economy 4.11

It didn’t take long for Pat Cumins to return to the team after a break last season – hitting the first wicket. Asalanka could have had it earlier when he cut off his trunk just to keep it afloat. It was a precious moment for Australia.

Cummins, despite some unusual errors in his death – sold well on occasion, including the occasional series (both very large) on the 46th. He picked up Captain Asalanka for a 110-yard touchdown pass, scoring only one run in the 48th. Added next run. 2-37 Out of Nine Overs at 4.11 Economy is a good day job.

At the end of the game, the rest of the Australians, with the exception of Matt Cuneman, were ridiculed and won by 35 of their 43 goals.

Pat Cummins starred on the ball.Source: Getty Images

Matthew Cuneman – 6.5

2-56, Economy 7.00

The 25-year-old whirlwind has not stopped in this series. But former Australian international Brad Hadin commented: “Kunmanman was learning. That’s not just the situation between games, but also in this game. Under pressure from Sri Lanka, he could not calm down as he moved the ball comfortably into the air. And in the first half of the game he was a little tricky on the field, unable to set his foot and running fast and losing a good chance of running half a meter away.

But he has changed things for the better – and it could be a big change in his new life. As the Innings advanced, he scored the only goal of the game, and the 19-year-old was awarded the Welfare Wicket for his mischievous and misleading reading of the ball. In the review, Karunaratne picked up two LBWs, and Maxwell did three when he missed a deep dive. It ended with a relatively expensive 2-56 score of more than eight, but it was still a good performance. “Attack the stumps more today,” Hadin said. You can understand that the second game was a bit wide.

The field work has improved, he has had two impressive times, and he has not had the opportunity to say goodbye to the always-controversial Mankad.

He is about to perform a miracle as he chases after the 19th. He hit three fronts and pulled Australia in just four runs.

Josh Hazlewood – 7

0-45, Economy 4.50

The figures do not look good, but Hazlewood performed better than they suggested. For example, all three races are out of bowling. It was already very dangerous because of the good line and long bowling and the hints of movement to keep up with the changing speed and altitude. Failed to pick up wickets – something of the theme of this series – but he kept pushing and hitting the other end and being rewarded by his team. He’s a very good bowled on death and the last two wickets didn’t come down on his stats which was a bit lucky to come through the race.

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