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Fox Footy pundits have called for those responsible for the Adelaide Football Club’s infamous 2018 pre-season camp to be held accountable, saying it was “a cover-up” and that the misuse of players’ personal data was “disgraceful”. “

Shocking new details of pre-season have emerged this week in Eddie Betts’ recently released biography, with former Crows Josh Jenkins and Bryce Gibbs also speaking out about their harrowing experiences.

In the year While Crows chief executive Tim Silvers apologized to Betts for not being in Adelaide in 2018, five-time All-Australian Nick Riewoldt believes the club’s current bosses should not be saddled with the criticism that many have been absent from West Lake. The time.

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Jenkins’ full statement at The Bad Camp | 15:39

“I don’t know if Adelaide is necessarily about punishing the Crows. Because a lot of people who were at the Adelaide Crows at that time have moved on. So is it fair to punish crows? He showed himself.

“I think the people responsible need to put their hands up and show some accountability. After that, there were people who said, ‘We’re going to laugh at some of the things we’ve heard about the noise around the neighborhood.’ Well, it was obviously no laughing matter, it was really, really serious.”

“Those responsible for the investigation and actions must be held accountable.

“I think it’s really about putting your hands up and documenting it and explaining why and how. And why was it covered? Why did it take four years for this to happen and come to this level.”

Collingwood legend Nathan Buckley agreed it was too bad to hide the details of what happened amid fears pressure was put on his players to keep quiet.

“It was a cover-up, because I have no doubt that the management of the Adelaide Football Club did not intend to undermine the structure of the organisation,” he said.

“When you hear the stories of the players and the way the information was used, it’s a shame.

“This is how you should talk about this,” I thought, as the way out was planned.

“The common minds, the external facilitators, had a dispute about this. They slapped this down, faked it and tried to keep it quiet. I have no doubt that it is very difficult for the Adelaide Football Club to be completely transparent in some ways because of the nature of third party litigation and that makes it very difficult for them.

“They betrayed our game” Robbo on Betts | 01:02

Triple premiership-winning Lions Jonathan Brown said it highlighted the dangers of bringing “external facilitators” into a football club.

“At the end of the day if it’s the player’s experience and the way you understand what happened, you have to take those things head on,” the former Brisbane boss said.

“It’s a great lesson, you have to stand up and apologize and own up to your mistakes, because people make mistakes all the time.

“I’m not sure about foreign coordinators, you have to be careful about bringing foreign coordinators into your football club. You should definitely check their CV and check their reputation and experience because it was a bad decision for the club to bring them in.

The AFLPA (Players’ Association) said this week it would successfully open an investigation into the pre-season incident and would have spoken to all players to “get a better understanding” of what happened and would have taken immediate action if it had known all the information. From the beginning.

However, the Real Estate Players Association questioned why it did not investigate the matter more closely four years ago.

“Why wasn’t it properly investigated? Why didn’t the people who represent the players – the players union – fight the fight for the players properly at that time? He showed himself.

“Are we not capable enough?” | 02:00

“They are all questions that need answers… a lot of people let them (the players) down.” But if the players’ union is not there to fight for the players in such situations, what are they there to protect the players?

Former Adelaide coach and current Swans assistant Don Pique has apologized for the 2018 pre-season camp amid scrutiny over his role in it.

Pike left the Crows at the end of 2019 and has been linked with a number of coaching vacancies following his success at the Swans, with the idea of ​​being senior boss once again appealing.

Asked if it would affect his future coaching ambitions, Brown said: “It does at the moment, although it will diminish over the years.”

Buckley agreed that “in some ways it is” hurting Pike’s chances in the short term, but noted that other coaches have pushed the boundaries with programs in the past.

“I think if you look back at the famous coaches of the past, you can see the bad things they did. Team together,” he said.

“They didn’t all go right.”

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