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Veteran journalist Caroline Wilson has taken aim at the Adelaide media for their response to the Crows’ infamous 2018 camp coverage, prompting responsible club owners at the time.

The Crows issued a lengthy open letter to the club’s supporters on Monday night, apologizing to players who had a “negative experience” at pre-season camp after shocking new revelations emerged last week.

It came as Adelaide journalist David Penberty slammed Nine’s Sam McClure and Wilson earlier this year for their extensive coverage of the camp, saying the latter’s coverage was “a sad way to spend your post-journalism career”.

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And speaking on channel 9 Leg assigned On Monday night, Wilson revealed she was “confused by the collective chip on the shoulder of certain sections of the Adelaide media regarding that camp”.

“I don’t know the aforementioned commentator[Penberty]but I gather there’s been a bit of a flip in the history of the camp since then,” Wilson said.

‘Career Ended’ Crows Camp | 02:10

“Graham Cornes in his Advertiser column recently tried to tell the other side of the story, talking about the brutality camps of days gone by and asking where the Victorian media is stacked. Seriously, Graham?

“You guys all need to grow up, this is so childish. Wherever that story happened it was a big thread and equally damning. If it had actually been at Collingwood or Richmond it would have been a much bigger story. Talk about shooting the messenger.

Collective Minds directors Amon Wolfe and Derek Leddy, who organized the camp, told the Advertiser in February that Crows current chief executive Andrew Fagan and the club’s board were fully aware of the programme.

The story also says the program was pilot-tested by coach Don Pike, head of football Brett Burton and Dr. Mark Cessana, who approved each player as mentally and emotionally fit to participate.

And while current Crows bosses and the AFL have both apologized following last week’s revelations, McClure, who broke camp roster history in 2020, remains unsatisfied with his handling of the controversial preseason.

Jenkins’ full statement at The Horror Camp | 15:39

“We talked a lot about the possibility of a cover-up and how far it went. I know there are things to apologize for, but I stand here today wondering who is responsible for some of the things that happened in that camp,” he said.

“Either they know and lie on purpose, or they don’t. I’m not sure which is worse.”

Fox Footy AFL 360 Co-host Gerard Wiley called for the resignation of all Crows men at the club at the time.

“I believe that those who were in positions of power at the time and who controlled this and were actively involved in the cover-up process that has been going on for more than four and a half years, should be removed from their positions,” he said.

“(Crows director of soccer Mark Riccito) would be one, but I doubt he’s the only one still holding one of those positions at that club.”

Wilson spoke about the AFL’s lack of accountability and why it took so long to act.

“For Gillon McLachlan to take four years – when the AFL knows what happened from 2020 – to apologize in a special interview with Channel 7 at the airport is really sad,” she said.

“They betrayed our game” Robbo on Betts | 01:02

Why the AFL didn’t do anything still baffles me. The coverage was amazing.

The AFLPA (Players’ Association) said last week it would effectively open an investigation into the camp and speak to all players to “get a better understanding” of what happened, saying it would have acted more quickly if it had known the information from the start. .

However, McClure believes pressuring the players to disclose the information amounts to “victim blaming” and more action should have been taken at the time.

“The last people to blame for what happened in that camp are the players,” he said.

“To think that we can sit here and label any players as part of the problem is absolute rubbish. But when people come out and speak the truth and show great courage, suddenly we have to take responsibility for them.

“If the AFLPA wanted to know what was going on in that camp they could have asked, because it wasn’t that hard to find out from where we were sitting.”

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