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Alastair Clarkson coaching future, GWS Giants, next club, meeting with powerbrokers, Hawthorn

Four-time Premier League coach Astair Clarkson has been in contact with GWS power brokers, with the former Hawthorne boss reporting that the club’s number one choice is to become the club’s next manager.

The Giants parted ways with long-time coach Leon Cameron in May, becoming the first club in the coaching market this year.

Interim coach Mark McWay has turned Giants into a more attacking player, the club is 3-3 in charge, and he is on the shortlist for the next full-time coach.

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However, Clarkson, who left Hawks in a dramatic move after a great coaching career at the end of last season, has indicated in recent weeks that he is considering a move to the North.

“This is a great result for the giants,” said reporter Mich Clery. Spoke on. Seven News.

“Alaster Clarkson has been sitting with GWS power brokers for the past two weeks. The decision will be made by Jimmy Bartel, the director of football.

“It is hoped that in the coming weeks the giants will have a better relationship with Clarkson.

“The four-time flag winner is now at the top of their wish list, which includes this month’s Melbourne Adam Adam, Sydney’s Don Pike and current Giant Interim Mark Macvey.”

Coincidentally, the news came after Giant defeated his former club Cricket on the field.

Giants beat Hawks by 22 points | 01:14

Clarkson told Fox Footy’s AFL 360 in May that any decision he made in his future would put him ahead of another Premier League title.

“It comes down to something. I want to return to the role because I want to win the flag, ”Clarkson told Fox Foot.

“If I don’t feel like the team I am going to beat to win that club or the players’ team, I will stay out of the game.

“I have other things to do and things I want to pursue. So first and foremost, if this is a one- or two-year term or a five- or six-year term, there is only one reason to go back to it and I feel that this team can win.

The Giants are currently 13th in the table and are sure to miss out on eight, but have won at least one final in six seasons this year.

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