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Alastair Clarkson Essendon updates, Ken Hinkley North Melbourne, Adem Yze GWS Giants presentation details

Essendon’s 11th-hour bid for Alastair Clarkson is looming as a major curveball for North Melbourne, which remains confident of landing the four-time premiership coach but is reportedly ready to move to ‘Plan B’.

It comes at a time when the Giants have moved on from Clarkson and are expected to zero in on a more impressive approach on a different coaching candidate.

The Bombers look set to appoint current coach Ben Rutton and start at Clarkson, who is set to join the AFL coaching ranks next season after a year off, with Clarkson supporter David Barham replacing Paul Brasher as president on Monday. 2022.

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Reports on Friday suggested that Clarkson would make a call on his future at the end of this week, with suggestions that a Clarkson-North reunion was a growing – and exciting for Rice fans – possibility. Herald Sun Journalist John Ralph told Fox Footy that the Kangaroos had offered Clarkson a five-year deal to coach the club – something Clarkson was seriously considering.

Then Ralph reported on Fox Football On the sofa On Monday night, Rice gave the Clarkson camp a “soft deadline” of Wednesday to call on his future. Hours later, veteran football journalist Caroline Wilson spoke to Channel 9. Leg assigned Although the Kangas are “not giving up and believe there is hope”, Rous was told the decision was being “stretched out”.

“If it’s not Clarkson, they go to the likes of Ken Hinkley, Leon Cameron,” Ralph told Fox Footy. “They feel you can’t buy another first-timer.”

Rutten is by no means safe! | 04:04

AFL 360 Co-host Mark Robinson said it wouldn’t surprise Clarkson to move to Essendon – “unless he has a great place for North Melbourne and has a really strong relationship with Sonja Hood, who handled everything with Alastair Clarkson and grew so close that Clarkson said ‘I can’t leave you now’.”

“North Melbourne will tell Alastair on Wednesday or Thursday this week that they want answers – because if not Clarkson, they will have to move on,” Robinson said. AFL 360.

“They’ve had a month in Alastair Clarkson. They have a plan B – the position won’t fail because Alastair Clarkson says ‘no’, they had a crack, they missed it, we’ll move on to the next best available person – but they want answers.

“I think Sonja Hood and the North Melbourne authorities are going to sleep a bit rough tonight because they’re looking for Alastair Clarkson.”

Melbourne champion Gary Lyon says North now face a stressful few days.

“North Melbourne is a football club at the moment, thinking in the last 24 to 48 hours the guy will be really worried,” Lyons said. On the sofa.

“North Melbourne fell and I think the optimism around them for a week was great … but the performance of Clarkson and Essendon could be overwhelming.

“The kangaroos did everything they could at the man’s feet – and now they have to wait.”

Former Hawks head coach Alastair Clarkson. Picture: Daniel PockettSource: Getty Images

Leg assigned Co-host Craig Hutchison urged the Kangaroos to “move the offer because circumstances have changed”.

“I think you have to come up with an idea, kick into gear and set a firm deadline,” he said.

“It’s just the time they’ve got. All they’ve got is the risk of Alastair being without a seat, because if the Giants go the other way, you’ve got until 5.30 on Wednesday, but the 10 per cent extra on offer is here. We need a decision because we sit around and run second here again. Because we look like.

“If they move quickly on that, it will at least put pressure on the Clarkson camp because you wonder if Essendon can move in 48 hours.”

Port Adelaide chairman David Koch announced last week that Hinkley would be out of contract at the Energy until the end of 2023, amid speculation the coach would stay on.

But if the Rossoneri do eventually lose Clarkson, Hutchison believes they should “explore” the likes of Hinkley and Eagles boss Adam Simpson as the club can provide “time and security”. And dual Australian Ken Corns believes Hinkley should consider joining the Kangaroos.

“You absolutely take on that role because Ken Hinckley is going to be under a lot of pressure next year,” Cornes said. Leg assigned.

If he starts poorly, he will probably lose his job compared to the four or five years it takes in the North… and Port will be happy for that to happen.

Brasher stands.. Rutten stays on | 11:26

The Giants, as Robinson put it Monday night, are “a different beast.”

Of the 3 clubs in contact with Clarkson, he and Leon Cameron parted ways in May, leaving a long-standing coaching vacancy and has been in frequent contact with the legendary coach. But surprisingly they didn’t offer an official offer like the Kangaroos.

“I can’t really get a read on the Giants. Of course you have to give him (Clarkson) the job if you want him and they seem determined not to give him the job. AFL 360 co-host Gerard Wylie said.

But Wilson reported on Monday night that Clarkson was “out of the picture” against the Giants, with Demons assistant Adem Yze now the No. 1 contender from Tigers assistant Adam Kingsley and Giants interim coach Mark McVay.

Ralph Yze says he is now well placed to take over in Western Sydney.

“Adem Yze destroyed GWS at the event,” said Ralph.

“Melbourne has made it clear that if he wins the job or is tipped to win the job, he will stay with the Demons in their final campaign.

“I don’t think GWS really liked Clarkson and I don’t think they felt he wanted to go north.

“So take that into account. If Adam Yeezy wins the job more than a four-time Premier League manager, it’s an incredible achievement in his descriptions.

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