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Alastair Clarkson GWS Giants, where will he coach in 2023, David Noble North Melbourne contract, Essendon Ben Rutten

Number of clubs considering moving Alesser Clarkson It seems to have decreased in recent weeks.

But now that there is an obvious hot spot and a wild sign, the prospect of a romantic relationship coming home is still delayed.

After spending several months overseas earlier this year, Clarkson said he was looking forward to returning to the AFL coaching staff.

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Clarkson – the greatest AFL coach of all time and the biggest free agent in the coaching market – is at the end of the season creating chaos in the coaching landscape.

But with the Clarkson services mix, you can hit a club from the list Gold Coast He announced on Wednesday that he had extended the coach’s contract Stuart Dow In two years.

Reports in March suggest that AFL Clarkson wants to coach the Gold Coast. But, in the end, you realize that Clarkson never accepted the sun training. This is not the list itself or the club, but the relationship with the dew.

Alesser Clarkson and Stuart Dave after the 2008 flag. Picture: Michael DodgeSource: Fresh News Limited

Clarkson, one season AFL 360 Appearing in May, Clarkson, who began playing a key role in the 2008 flag, said it was uncomfortable to meet the sun, considering how much he honored the deer, who was hired by Clarkson and played a key role in the 2008 flag.

And if Clarkson expects it St. Kilda To show a genuine interest – and there was an obvious external incentive for the Saints to pick up the phone – this is now unlikely to come to fruition, many reports suggest extending the Saints ’contract. Brett Ratn. It will be announced soon.

The sun and the saints seem to be out of the picture, the GWS giantThe space in front of the Clarkson queue has been strengthened.

The Giants are the first club to move to the coaching market in May Leon Cameron They are different. 7 News Melbourne Clarkson, who was spotted earlier this week, has been in talks with Giant’s top officials in recent weeks – although Fox Football host Mark Robinson AFL 360 Clarkson No formal meeting has been held so far as the club is still trying to determine if it wants to train by 2022.

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Former Essendon coach James HerdEarlier this year, he joined the Giants as a leadership consultant – especially after being asked by an interim coach. Mark Macvey Following Cameron’s release to give us a more active role. But Giant’s chief executive Jason McCartney said on Sunday that “He is not really interested in the top spot.”

Other coaches on that wish list Adem Yze And Don PK.

McVei has twisted magnets and allowed the giants to play freely over the past six weeks, resulting in three wins and three losses. But two All-Australian Le Montagans spoke to Fox Foot. The first crack On Sunday night, he did not see any significant strategy or McVeigh movement to suggest that the Giants should take the lead in the next full-time coach.

Yze is widely regarded as one of the best assistant coaches in the industry, having been given a job by Matthew Nix before losing his job in Adelaide in 2019 and eventually moving from Havon to Melbourne and playing a key role in breaking the demonic drought. He led Pike Adelaide to the 2017 Grand Finals and several finals and played a key role in the Swans’ attacking threat after joining the club as assistant coach.

But Channel 7 reporter Mich Clery earlier this week described the four-time Premier League coach as “clearly number one” on the Giant’s wish list.

Montana criticizes Nobel’s ‘mixed messages’ | 03 ፡ Ex 42

Clarkson suggested AFL 360 The main motivation for his return to the world of coaching in May was the prospect of adding another Premier League winner to Hawthorne’s four.

That’s why the Clarkson-Giants partnership makes sense, because the giants look closer to the flag than any other team in the market.

And that’s why Clarkson-North Melbourne Partnerships do not seem to be superficial. But if at least the kangaroo has a relationship with him, few in the industry will be surprised.

Clarkson, a former North Melbourne player himself, on AFL 360 Before launching this unexpected throw line in May, he praised the kangaroo’s talent. Yes, Yes… ”

Since then, the Kangaroo’s losing streak has gone from six to 13 consecutive games – averaging 63 points, prompting the club’s board to conduct a four-week review with the services of veteran manager Geoff Walsh. Football room. And with Saturday’s 112-point loss to Gelong, many pedestrians believe it’s hard to see. David Noble In 2023, he became the North’s top coach.

“Alastair Clarkson is the biggest name outside of football,” said Robinson. AFL 360 Monday night.

“Kangaroos may need a coach. So they sit there and say, ‘No, let’s wait (until the review is done)’? Or does someone in the club have an affair with Alaster Clarkson?

“Now that’s disrespectful to David Noble, so maybe go ahead (to Nobel) and say, ‘We have to be loyal to you, we don’t think you will be here next year and there may be other clubs that need a coach,’ said coach Astair Clarkson.

But it is hard to say that the Kangaroos of all 18 clubs – who have just finished their season list – are far from the Premier League.

Although some say West Coast When the kangaroo started this process two years ago, the club could start from the north, considering that it will lose many patriotic and experienced players in the next few years. So consider that hope, as well Adam Simpson Clarkson is not heading west.

It is a wild symbol EssendonIn 2022, the league’s most disappointing team finished fourth last year.

Ben Ruth. John Wards is in 15 games for the second season of his three-year contract after handing over the reins of the club in a coordinated transfer. The idea of ​​getting into a controversy at the beginning of his tenure seems far-fetched, especially after last year’s top eight.

But Bombers – a proud but successful club for two decades – finished 16th with a 4-11 record. Showing promising signs over the past three weeks – including victories over St. Kilda and Sydney – doubled Premier League kangaroo David King this time around as Essendon often lacks “levels” and is too easy to score. And move the ball in the opposite direction.

Ben Ruth, Bomb Senior Coach. Photo: Darrian TraynorSource Fate-Getty Images

Following Eesendon’s defeat at the West Coast, club legend Matthew Lloyd Ruth said “he must be under pressure” and suggested that Clarkson could be a flashlight to wake him up.

Will Clarkson entertain the bombs? No need to move to Interstate, he was in control of a large Melbourne club that was good on construction and could return in 2023 and beyond in September. But has Houghton served for 17 years and after offering four flags, will he be ready to side with the Hoks’ main rival?

Robinson then left for another club on Monday night – Clarkson was successful as assistant coach before joining Hawthorn.

“If so, what will happen Port Adelaide bum Failed from this year’s competition? If it falls completely and what happens Kenny (Hinkley) Wants to go, does Port Adelaide want to talk to Alaster Clarkson? Of course they do, ”says Robinson.

There are still plenty of games for all parties in the last seven rounds on the field and on the field.

But to the west of the city there is one big and big noise – and the giant action in the Clarkson Services competition is a moving voice.

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