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Alexander Volkanovski next fight, move up to lightweight, Yair Rodriguez vs Brian Ortega, Islam Makhachev

Alexander Volcanovsky, the head coach of the American Kickboxing Academy in the United States, does not think Alexander Volkanovsky will be a big challenge for Islam in Makachev.

why? Well, Mendes said. Delivery radio Earlier this week, Makachev thought the ground game would easily be difficult for Volcanovsky.

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“I don’t think he poses a serious threat to Islam because you think he is very good at downloading, and he can’t stop Alex doing anything,” Mendes said. Delivery radio.

“I will not pose a serious threat to Islam unless Alex’s land is significantly improved.”

When asked Volkanovsky answered a simple question about those comments.

“What’s going on?” Volkanovsky asked.

“His view of Islam is moving, isn’t it? There are not many recordings of me sitting on the floor or being held for long periods of time. But again, he catches the students and sees them do very well and thinks of their world as my coaches do with me.

That response came with a warning from Volkanovsky, who was on the battlefield with a feather weight, now wants to claim a light crown and become a two-time champion.

”[It is] Like [what] According to Volkanovsky, all the coaches of my opponents thought that I would clean the floor with them.

“He’s not trying to cast a shadow over me … he’s just developing the stick and his friend knows what he can do. He doesn’t know what I can do. ”

There is not much to say about my field game … Yes, I was thrown into disgusting guillotine and triangle … If it goes away, if they put me in places, I show it. I will be very difficult to submit.

“It’s just as hard to find me and it’s hard to finish if you get me there. I’m very good at getting back on my feet and I’m sure of that.”

Volkanovsky said he has a lot to show in the lightweight class.  (Photo by Carmen Mandato / Getty Images)
Volkanovsky said he has a lot to show in the lightweight class. (Photo by Carmen Mandato / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Volkanovsky is right. He did the same with Brian Ortega, and 10 months later, it is still difficult to explain how the Australian escaped from Glotin choking at UFC 266.

“I sat there and watched that tape over and over again, and how did this guy get out of this choke?” Ortega spoke at UFC Long Island Media Day this week.

“I was celebrating, I tell you the truth. I was there, and I was in that guillotine, and ‘I’m going to be a world champion!’ I was waiting for the pipe, and it never came.

“He came out, and I was like Sei. This is a strong blow. * OK, he was angry.”

Ortega was furious that he had allowed that opportunity to slip and that he had to deal with constant warnings about how close he was to ousting the champion.

“If it’s been the last two months, I’ll lie to you … If every fan remembers you, ‘you’re close to becoming a champion’ and I ‘thank you f *** d ***” Ortega added with a smirk.

“Don’t you think I’m sitting there thinking? Believe me, I know. I have to live with myself.

Brian Ortega tried Volkanovsky. (Photo by Alex Birans de Han / Getty)Source Fate-Getty Images

That does not mean that Ortega has given up all hope of redeeming himself. Internal combat He wants a rematch with the Australian.

“(I) put him in the most dangerous position of his career,” Ortega said.

Volkanovsky agrees and will not rule out a rematch with Ortega if he makes a statement to Air Rodriguez this weekend.

“You never know,” Volkanovsky said.

“There’s still a story … The War of the Year. It put me in the worst place in my career, so there is history there.

You never know if he’ll go out there and win wild fashion this weekend, because now I want someone who is clear. I want a big fight and a meaningful struggle.

“Air Rodriguez is probably in a very good position, but if Ortega does something and people are shouting his name, I’ll be all right.”

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