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Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway, Israel Adesanya vs Jared Cannonier, fight details, date, time, preview

Forget the ridicule, the hyenas, and the skeptics who always find a way to make a name for themselves in the name of Alexander Volkanovsky.

Australia’s UFC featherweight champion is not struggling to prove his point or to turn the game around.

He has already shown a lot and even though the 33-year-old Max Holocaine won the UFC 276 trilogy in Las Vegas, those critics will find another reason to lose the title.

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This is a struggle for Volkanovsky’s “heritage”. The Australian himself says so, calling for the opportunity to set himself up to face a completely different beast – a 155-pound weight division.

“That’s why I think of him as a big man in his third battle with Max,” Volkanovsky said on Tuesday.

“It gives me time to move on to that double championship. This is exactly what I want.

And in the event of a shooting at Charles Olivera, Volcanovsky has already seen signs of weakness in believing that he could win Brazil’s 11-match unbeaten streak.

“He is a dangerous fighter,” said Volkanovsky.

“He showed that he could be beaten. The last few, though exciting, showed that he had been beaten all those times.

“He did not give me chances. If I hit a big man on the head, they would not give me a chance. That’s not how we wrap up.

“I plan to go up and down. It is dangerous. I think it will be a big war.

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First of all, Volcanovsky’s focus is on the holocaust and Arki-Nemesis is finishing with such a superior fashion, so there is no doubt that we have always been great in the weight class.

“I will go out there and plan to hit him,” Volkanovsky said.

“I really want to make a statement. At first I wanted this trilogy to shut down people, but now it’s not about that.

“This will be a legacy fight for me. Releasing it puts my name out there and raises that bar.

But don’t be surprised if Volcanovsky raises his hand again, he wants to take the biggest step in his career at home.

“Hey Australia, maybe we can do it here,” the featherweight champion exclaimed.

The UFC’s last relegation took place earlier this year when Israel Adsanya defended their midfield title against Australia’s Robert Whitker at Marvel Stadium.

Adesania called it “an unforgettable moment” not only in his life of struggle, but in his life as a whole, although he did not follow in the footsteps of Volcanovsky after the Third Battle.

Adessia says of Whitker: “He is a great warrior but I know how that book ends.

“I have read that book twice. The first time I read it fast, the second time I read it a little longer.

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Adesenya’s main opponent in the UFC 276 event is Jared Canonier, although it is an entirely different book for the disaster champion.

Canonier takes calculated risks without being afraid to move forward and hit with force and force – which can be used for him but proves his downfall.

He is very challenging for Adesania but he is not a big Kiwi by profession.

“I do not believe so,” said Adesenya.

“But I do not mean to underestimate him. Everyone is a serious competitor. He is a man of many burdens.

“I can not ignore Jared because he still bears that strength, but I do not think he will be a great challenge. I really think I will make it easy. I really believe that I can make it easier. ”

Self-confidence and confidence come in Adesya, although it is still something that Kiwi Kai Kara-France is learning.

But behind the triumphant triumphant triumph, including a statement from Cody Garbrandt, Kara-France is ready to shed its long-held low profile.

Carra-France, who fought in the UFC 277 at the UFC 277, said of the label: “This is a trigger.”

“It takes me back to where I was when I was in high school because of my height. I guess they were ignored, guessed. ”

In 2019, he lost again at UFC 245 to Moreno and this time around.

But that was two years ago and this is a new Kara-France, ready to “close all doubts” and “exploit the party”.

“So Moreno,” Kara-France warned, “baby do not vibrate.”

And don’t be fooled by the Australian and New Zealand talents that create waves in the UFC because they are missing out on making history.

“This is going to be one champion, two champions, the third champion in this region of the world,” Adesanya said, looking at Kara-France.

“Let’s honestly take that for a second. It just breaks the mind. It is unheard of in this world. ”

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