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Andrew Johns classless comment on Channel 9 over NSW loss

Rugby League’s undefeated Andrew Jones shocked spectators with a shout-out following NSW’s defeat to Queensland in a series of decisions on Wednesday night.

Jones was in the mood for more than half an hour after the game and was not embarrassed to show his frustration in front of a camera in the crowded Sancrop Stadium.

It is clear that Jones’ heart was broken following Queensland’s 22-12 win – a game that ranged from a wild ending to a punch up and an early KO massacre.

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Jones was on the Channel 9 broadcast desk side by side with Marion legend Cameron Smith and Paul Vaultin. He says.

Jones did not answer, except to say, “OK, not tomorrow.”

“Tonight was a difficult time for you, isn’t it?”

Andrew Jones was ice cold. Photo Search Channel 9Source approached

“Yes,” Jones said. That means a lot. ”

A question from Voutin, where things went wrong for NSW in the decision-maker, pushed Jones over the top.

“How? Well, you’ve won big times,” he said.

“We must now listen to all the bulls from you (Queenslanders) over the next 12 months. It drives you crazy. “

Astonished by Smith’s comments, he was stunned when he stood by his side in silence and did not know what to do.

Jones was upset after the Blues destroyed Queensland in Game 2. But in the crucial win, Queensland’s stars rose to prominence, with Kalin Ponga making the only attempt in the second half to clear the way through three defenders.

Beyond the coin, NSW did just a few wrong things, and spent the whole series.

Billy Slater and Ben Hunt celebrate history. Photo by Bradley Kanaris / Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

Half-time defender Nathan Cray did not stop in the second leg but did not appear to be threatening Queensland’s line-up in the final 15 minutes of the game.

However, sports commentators, despite their pain, refused to forgive Jones for his outburst.

Channel 7 presenter Jim Wilson, a 2GB radio host, was outraged by Jones’ behavior.

“Wow, Joy Jones, what a bloody shame,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Very defeated! Is Joy real?”

‘Was it a dog call?’ | 01:16

Wilson said on Twitter that if they had “continued” like Jones, they would have insulted Smith, Darren Locker or Jonathan Torston.

“You were really upset,” he wrote.

“I love Joy’s analysis and love but there were things that went wrong.”

Photojournalist Barbara McGradi tweeted:

Channel 9 co-star Luke Bradnan said it was “normal” for Jones.

Brisbane-based journalist Saraj McFay described Jones as “miserable.”

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