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´Ask our rivals what they feel after playing us´ – Luis Enrique in bullish mood after Spain top Nati

With Luis Enrique beating the Czech Republic 2-0 in the National League on Sunday, there is no doubt that Spain can compete with the best in the world.

Following Portugal’s 1-0 loss to Switzerland, La Roja finished top of Group A2, with Carlos Soler and Pablo Serbia each targeting each other.

Spain’s eight-match unbeaten run means they can advance to the League of Nations final against Portugal before the final.

If they beat Switzerland in the final and Portugal lose to the Czech Republic, Spain will finish in the playoffs.

Luis Enrique was delighted with his team’s performance in La Rosella, Malaga, but acknowledged that there was room for improvement.

“I’m so satisfied, how can I not be?” He spoke at a media conference.

“The competitor has shown how good they are in all respects. We were very good, even though we lacked some things.

“The atmosphere was wonderful, with a lot of joy and celebration of the rival song. I hope it repeats itself and serves as an example.

“We are leaders and we were generally good. Ask your opponents how they feel when they play against us. We will definitely compete. [against anyone]. ”

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