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Australia smashed by Sri Lanka, talking points, India tour 2023, Travis Head form concerns, Pat Cummins, David Warner, video

India is licking their lips with what they have just seen.

After winning Australia’s first World Cup, Pat Cummins’ men have been in trouble in Sri Lanka for the second time, losing to England in the second round.

In the midst of trials, Sri Lanka’s change was unusual.

Broken by 10 wickets in the first attempt, Sri Lanka responded with a win over the Innings a week later with 39 runs and the first Prabat Jaasuria took 12 wickets for the game.

But the success of the cricket test for Sri Lanka’s victory, and the defeat of the Innings, is a big test for the Cummins men.

Amazingly, in one trial, Australia’s affairs in the sub-continent were in a state of shock, so they raised their heads again in the second test.

Interestingly, Australia spoke of what they had learned from previous visits, planning and bowling. Others, such as Osman Kawaja, spoke of the need to play clear.

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Umpire Dharmasena is having a nightmare! | 01:56

But the election remains a major concern, with many Australian sticks being shot, including David Warner and Marnes Labushan.

Not being able to stop the pressure when wickets fall is another key lesson outside the game, halfway through next year’s visit to India.

Here are some of the highlights from our amazing fourth day cricket.

The issue at the head of the CUE

Australia has a big headache choice to consider in the next eight months.

Travis’ head – the star of the House Summer Ash campaign – seems uncertain how it will improve in the subcontinent.

A lean sequence does not mean that the player is in trouble or in trouble. But as he did, the loss of Sri Lanka is a matter of concern.

At home, an average of 49.87 head is just 23.08 away from Australia. In Asia, the average head rate rose to 21.30.

In this short two-try Sri Lankan tour, the Left’s top scorers were 12 innings.

When he scored his fourth ball on Monday night, his head looked shocked.

It was a good delivery from Ramish Mendes, but the head had to come forward. He played again and the ball slipped past the outside edge.

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Travis' head was taken off the field after being sent off on the fourth day of the second test in Gale, Sri Lanka.  Photo: Getty Images
Travis’ head was taken off the field after being sent off on the fourth day of the second test in Gale, Sri Lanka. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

Twenty-one years ago, there was another player with similar confusion. It was the look of Ricky Punting as Harbajan Singh wrote the letter on his unusual right hand.

Head injuries came from a minor hamstring injury. Although it is difficult to know whether a minor injury affected the series, Glenn Maxwell was called in and was healthy and fit.

Moreover, he had self-confidence after another solid series in the IPL.

The head had another chance behind the amazing ash campaign, but you feel like the chances are running out.

If the head does not play in India, should he play at home with the West Indies and South Africa? Can you have a successful home-only and overseas player? Maybe when you win, but in India and England, Australia is fighting for the rest of the world. This is a question that needs to be considered.

Broadcaster Adam Collins Maxwell believes he should have played Gale.

Wearing a white dress for Victoria for a while raises that issue.

Cummins’ Cruel Capacity Education

One of Shane Warn’s feelings was to let the game go to the beach.

On the fourth day, Australia fell into that trap.

They stopped trying to oust Dinsh Chandimal.

Instead, after the seventh wicket fell, Australia put all their eggs in a basket and just tried to clear the trail.

That was especially the case for the last wicket.

It may be a matter of logical reasoning. After all, No. 10 and No. 11 both made ducks.

But Chandimal was able to temporarily double down on an Australian double boiler, with Cumins pulling all of his players on the ropes.

Chandimal moved from 150 to 200 by 35, easily licking his lips.

200! Chandimal SMACKS Starc with 6C! | 00:45

This means that Sri Lanka has gone from 6-409 to 9-505 and finally 554. When Chandimal finished at five or six, he played with a patient and evaluated Ining until then.

The lesson here was to try and get out of the beating.

Steve Wow and Mike Hussein loved to hit their tails and were even richer on it.

In his fifth MCG test against South Africa, Hussein scored 122 points.

He finished last week with Glenn Magraz in the final 107, finishing 11th.

During the Innings, the protagonists spread the field, and Hussein made money.

Dito Ben Stokes at Headingley in 2019.

Not only did Australia allow Chandimal to register her virginity for a second century, but it upset Australians and they had to spend a lot of time on the field for two days.

By the end of the fourth day, Australia’s top order had fallen. Plum lbw can also explain their decision to scratch their head to evaluate screams.

India left licking their lips

Make no mistake, Australia has a problem with quality left-handed rotation.

A.D. In 2016, Rangana Herat Australia won 28 wickets at 12.75 bamboo. Australia lost 3-0 in a row.

Six years later and when Australia won its first test with 10 wickets, another left-wing promotion changed the series.

The 30-year-old Prabat Jaasuria took 12 wickets for the first time in an orthodox whirlwind.

Jayasuriya First Six-Weeks Bags | 01 ፡ 52

Australia took six wickets for each innings, so Australia had no answer for driving.

Jiazuria won 6-59 on Monday and finished the game by bowling Michel Swapson.

His team-mate Ramsh Mendis removed David Warner and left Australia 1-49.

But Jaasuria Osman Kawajan was caught on a bat and Steve Smith left Australia in a tackle in front of the fourth ball.

Smith’s Absolute Horror Review | 00:48

Indian left-hander Axel Patel 39 wickets are licking their lips to get the ball in 12.43 out of six trials and Rainder Jadeja Australia.

If Australia does not have a solution to accommodate both, and like Ravi Ashwin, Australia will not stand a chance.

In the meantime, I may have learned the benefits of Australia’s left-wing rotation in their attack.

Although John Holland was unlucky with limited opportunities, Queensland winger Matthew Cuneman was in good spirits for the rest of the day.

Warner’s Year of Inheritance

Travis Head is not the only one under high pressure ahead of next year’s high season.

David Warner may have scored freely, but his record in Asia cannot be ignored.

It averages 33.52 in Asia, but these numbers have been exaggerated by two hundred years in Bangladesh.

The highest score in Sri Lanka is 68 out of five, with an average of only 25.22.

In India, Australia, which returns early next year, has scored an average of just 71 points out of eight.

Living with two of your top five members with records like Warner’s and Head’s in India is a big concern.

Warner’s rise to 24 began Australia’s decay.

It was falling apart, which Warner rarely played in test cricket.

The veteran left-hander will not be pressured to take his place on the sidelines, but next year’s visits to India and the United Kingdom could prove a success.

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