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Australian coach Graham Arnold spoke in an emotional speech after guiding Soccerros to the fifth straight World Cup with a free kick against Peru.

Arnold’s side copied John Aloisin’s penalty kick against Uruguay in 2005 and may have worked hard to win the World Cup final, but in the end they achieved their main goal.

This time, the hero was Andrew Redmayine, and Arnold was extra time to replace Matthew Ryan.

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Graham Arnold was speechless after the match.Source: FOX SPORTS

Tears welled up in Arnold’s post-match interview as he struggled to make ends meet.

“Enough … I’m proud of the players, you know?” Arnold finally said.

“Of course, no one knows what happened to these children.

The whole campaign and the way they clung to it and gave it to you was very difficult, you know.

Arnold stated that his decision to replace Ryan Redmond was in line with the Peruvian free-kicks, as well as his ability to shoot.

“Andrew Redmond is a very good puncher, and when we make that change, they take it to the next level, to increase the uncertainty in their minds, yes, that’s why,” Arnold said. .

Arnold was threatened with dismissal in March, and has been the subject of much criticism during Australia’s World Cup qualifiers, but says he has not been distracted by his main goal.

Arnold said: “The skeptics don’t mind me. I do it for my family and I want to dedicate this to my brother Colin.

“When I was growing up, I really had no one to help me. My older brother has been there all my life, and he is number one.

Andrew Redmond and Graham Arnold.Source: FOX SPORTS

“I have to thank my wife or she will be angry with me. We did it! ”

Arnold called on the new Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanes, to give the country a day off following the Socceroos heroism on Tuesday morning.

“I called home to Altan – Anthony Albanyz to give everyone a day off, a lot has passed, 20 World Cup qualifiers, 16 away from home, it was hard but we did it,” Arnold said.

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