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Australia has been subjected to a brutal reality test by Sri Lanka’s humiliation and the brilliance of the Danish Chancellor and the first Spencer Prabat Jaasuriia.

Chandimal doubled Australia’s victory over Gale in the second round, while Jaasuri – who entered the trial due to covander issues – found it difficult to play.

He won 6-118 and 6-59.

Australia’s Achilles heel has been re-exposed before India. Cummins’ Cruel Captain Education

A report that Sri Lanka has ‘always’ won a test, says the Aussie was shocked by a shocking 10-week accident.

‘Absolutely Awesome’ Steve Smith ‘Draws’ Watto

The series is intertwined, but it has a lost feeling for Australia.

To beat the first test, Australia beat Sri Lanka seven times, then won the second and 5-298 after the first day.

How we find ourselves here, four days later in a series, beggars trust.

Finally, Australia paid for two bad sessions with the bat.

In the first day of the second half, Australia lost 5-35 and advanced 364.

In the final day of the fourth day, the hosts lost 9-92 – a total of 10-102 defeats – to 151, losing the game to Ining and 39 runs.

Likewise, the sticks in the rankings are worth the price, and in the coming days and weeks the culprits can be forgiven.

Australia is in a good position and with two missed stumps, poor use of the review system and some suspicious calls, things could be very different.

Here is what every Australian was like in the two-trial series with Sri Lanka.

David Warner – 3

64 works at 21.33, HS 25

He has not been able to influence three innings and will inevitably discuss his performance in Asia – although he is certainly not alone. It didn’t look like a particularly out-of-form player, and it should be said that he got two good offers, but this was a wasteful series from the left line striker. His first incarnation in the second test was a low point because his footwork was again exposed to right-handed quick bowling around the wicket.

USman Kawaja – 6

137 operates at 45.66, HS 71

The shares of Osman Kawaja at the top of this series of Australian orders were not damaged but may be more. He made a good start in each of the innings but scored the highest score in the first test at 71. In the second he went for 37 and 29. Good bowling is included again, but Australia needs one of the openings to strike and it looks like it hasn’t worked yet.

Aussie loses four wickets quickly | 01 ፡ 19

Marnus Labuschagne – 7

149 works on 49.66, HS 104

His numbers made healthy progress in the second test of the first Ining, which set the first test distance away from Australia. I was already shocked when Nirosha Dikwela Gutu escaped, but the entry was a no-brainer. Australia, like Steve Smith, wanted him to go further, but they certainly could not knock a player out of the 104th floor. His other two innings were disappointing. In the first test, he went straight to the point. In the second innings, Joker was sweeping the ball. Australia desperately wanted him around.

Steve Smith – 7.5

151 operates at 75.50, HS 145 *

For Steve Smith, a century has passed. For the first time since January 2021, the test cricket has reached three figures. Smith was cut more than the rest of that innings. In Steele’s view, all Ining said he would be great – and that he would have gone further if his partners had not been gone. When the duck was working and Australia called one of the most frightening reviews ever, the light was partially removed by the stunning knock on the second inning. His only innings saw him run for six in a row.

Smith’s Absolute Horror Review | 00:48

Travis Head – 3

23 operates at 7.66, HS 12

Four wickets at 9.25, economy 3.41

Trevis’ headline was with the ball, which was good and bad. Fortunately, this was always a part-time magic spell. In the first test, Sri Lanka lost 10-10 to 4-10. The beating left a lot to be desired on the galley mine, but bowling was good. He was poor with a bat. The average score in Asia was 6, 12 and 5 from 11 innings to 21.30. It is still a winter lock, but next year’s visit to India is in jeopardy. Primarily for that letter, he still gets three points on the first test.

Cameron Green – 5.5

104 operates at 34.66, HS 77

No wickets, economy 3.33

A comprehensive mix for young people. In the first test, he was clever with a bat. Despite his years and experience, he failed to repeat that display in the second test with four points and 23 rebounds against the well-organized 77. The final act of the series was a small walk that he saw as the Prabat stumbled upon Jaasuri. It may have been asking for a lot at the time, but Australia could not rely on production if it met Alex Kerry after a major meltdown. This series with the ball was not his series – it was recorded only six times while sitting in cotton wool.

Umpire Dharmasena is having a nightmare! | 01:56

Alex Carrie – 5

89 operates at 44.50, HS 45

The wicket watch seems to be more and more proven in the series as a test battery. He was one of Australia’s best spin players – probably expected to have a good sweep and a clean sweep in the lock. After 151 Australian outings in Gale, Kerry was left alone. He was also strong in the first test 45 when he completed only two other Aussies 30. With good gloves not good display, he lost three smpings in one innings in the second test. It should be noted that these were not uncommon situations – his opposite number was Neroshan Dicwela was comfortably worse – and some chances were difficult.

Mitchell Star – 7

Five wickets at 28.60, Economy 3.57, SR 48.0, BBI 4-89

The Australian Army Commander set a fine record in Sri Lanka and is still strong. Stark won the second test 4-89 and was Australia’s most dangerous player. Chandimal should have been around for 30 years, but by then Australia had burned all reviews and the right-winger had survived. To make matters worse, he completed the Stark for six consecutive years to increase the double-century.

Pat Cummins – 4.5

Two wickets at 60.00, Economy 2.85, SR 126.0, BBI 1-25

The first test defeat As a captain, Cumins often failed to move the ball.

He only took one wicket in the second test – Bowling No. 9 Mahesh Teksha and 10 – and did not enter the second innings in the opening match. Although Cummins’ decision not to participate in the second inning a week ago showed the captain’s maturity, there were some questions that might arise from Gale’s strategy in the second test. He wasted no time in reviewing and sadly, that came back to bite him. When Australia stopped trying to get him out, Chandemal allowed him to raise his hand and explode in Batumi and instead tried to persuade him to take a single tune. He did not and eventually beat Australia.

200! Chandimal SMACKS Starc with 6C! | 00:45

Nathan Lyon – 7

11 Wickets at 28.63, Economy 3.15, SR 54.5, BBI 5-90

Lyon, who excelled in the first test, led Australia to victory. The old spinner was exhausted in the second test, but did not get the prize he was looking for. There was a missing stump, which hurt. He eventually took 2-194 in 3.03 runs and sent 64 Overs.

Mitchell Swapson – 6.5

Eight wickets at 24.00, Economy 3.31, SR 43.5, 3-55

Swipson’s testimonies are certainly higher than the series, but it still remains to be seen whether it will take place in India. In the region, especially in India, finger rotation has been effective in slow wickets in recent years. And with Cummins, Marnes Labushan and Steve Smith – two sticks more than they can make a useful foot-thorn – make his role in the XI vulnerable. However, Swipson starred in the first test and again in the second test. He took 3-103 in Australia’s long slog on the field and should have had another wicket when the plum lbw scream was rejected.

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