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Alex Kerry cooks the three stumps he escaped from Gatored on the third day of the second test.

In Sri Lanka, which is 67th away from Australia and has lost four wickets to finish the day 6-431, Australia has not helped itself.

Staying in the suburbs is never easy, but Kerry wanted to take advantage of at least one of the opportunities available to him. In the end, he did not catch one.

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After a long day of work, Nathan Lyon, who finished 2-160 with over 56 points, was frustrated off the field with a win over midfield.

“This is just a distraction from Alex Kerry,” said former Australian wicker keeper Brad Hadin.

“He’s upset about this.”

Lyon entered the final session as Niroshan Dikwela (5) met Pat Cummins in the short distance.

The right-hand man celebrated the 13th century and the second in Australia, with Danish Chancellor (118 *) the star of the house.

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Congratulations to David Warner at the end of the third day of the second test of the Danish Challenge in Gale, Sri Lanka.  Photo: Getty Images
Congratulations to David Warner at the end of the third day of the second test of the Danish Challenge in Gale, Sri Lanka. Photo: Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

With two days to go, Sri Lanka is at the top of the table, but they want to take their advantage home and, like Australia, on a two-day tour they lose 5-35 and do not allow 364 tourists to slip.

Here are three discussion points from the second test day.

Aussius shot himself in the leg

Australia has had more interesting relations with DRS in recent times, but on Sunday it was shocking.

Of course, this was not a mistake on the Headingley 2019 scale – a lack of review when Australia won the test – but it was expensive.

On the third day before lunch, Pat Cummins was burned by three Australian assessments, while Sri Lanka still had seven wickets in its possession.

One wasted on speculation a day earlier, and two fell to nine in the first half.

The first review showed that Matthews had a small edge that prevented him from being outside LBW, and the second was that Danish Chancellor was appealing for what he did not hit.

After lunch, Matthew was LBW – according to the ball – when he went down to the Lyon wicket, but Judge Michael Gou did not move.

And when Chandimal transfers Starark to Alex Kerry, it will be no more than three days later.

Australians could not appeal further but the judge’s finger dropped. He called for Starc Cumins to go up, and then he remembered that all Australian reviews were gone.

Matthias was dismissed shortly after the break, and the first secret did not cost much.

Chandimal, on the other hand, was 30 when he left and ended the day unbeaten with 118 defeats.

SKIPPER remains to write a long-term game like AUSSIES

Pat Cummins’ captaincy was an interesting case study on Sunday.

With 364 first innings in the bank, it doesn’t mean Australia can’t attack or mix things up at least on the third day, even if it starts at home from 2-184.

Instead, Cummins maintained the script when he worked extensively with five front-line bowlers, despite the fact that part-time traders have been doing business in recent months.

Was it because of the leadership of the One-Nile series that they were trying to hold on tight?

Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? The kidnapping of Sri Lanka proves the best way to attack.

By the way, in the second test, Sri Lanka’s strong return came in fourth in their history (149) against Australia.

Nathan Lyon First: Innings 56 Overs Silk Boulder. The oldest had 2-160 digits.

As the day progressed, Michel Swapson played more ball and created more chances.

But part-time spinners Travis Head and Marnus Labuschagne are rarely used.

Of course, Cummins did not return to both men until the last 10 Overs played.

Each created a number of chances. But that doesn’t take wickets?

On the third day, Australia’s game in Sri Lanka was slow, but a series of missed chances did not help. Photo by AFP AFPSource: AFP AFP

Eventually the decision was overturned on DRS, but when the right-hand man tried to lift his leg from long-hop, everyone left immediately.

As Alex Kerry’s difficult day behind the wickets continued, Swipson lost his face.

It shows that the Australian whirlpools are creating chances. They were not just being taken away.

At the end of the day, former South African wrestler HD Ackerman Cummins said there could be more attacks on the farms.

“I don’t mind Pat Cummins attacking a little bit here,” he said.

“I know there are skis and short legs, but Sri Lanka seems to be trying to hit here at the end of the game. In the first final, Dennis Chandimal missed the entire ball, knocked the ball straight to the center and took one, finding a gap early in the day and hitting it four.

“Is this an opportunity for Cummins to bring in a few more close fields?”

His partner agreed, believing that Sri Lanka might be trapped.

“As a captain, you have to respond, you have to improve, you have to be close to the field and if you can buy a wicket, you have to bring the bat expert to a stroke, a big stroke to play.”

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Australian wicket keeper Alex Kerry has had a difficult day behind the wheel. Photo by AFP AFPSource: AFP AFP

During his short tenure as captain, Cummins proved to be a leader who could not play long games. Trudy seems to be his strength.

Against Pakistan, Australia waited until the last day of the three-match series to hit the game and the series and make a claim. Their 1-0 win over Pakistan was built on patience.

With two days left to play, things can add up quickly, especially on the fifth day.

On the third day, though, the Cummins were willing to play some ropes and wait for Sri Lanka to make the first mistake. They did little.

Credit to Sri Lankans

Australia is wasting some of its opportunities – and all its comments (more on that) – but at some point, you simply have to acknowledge the work of the opposition.

Sri Lanka was great.

After 10-week, two-and-a-half days of humiliation is not easy. Even when your team is broken down due to copy-positive issues.

After Australia’s 5-329 victory, Sri Lanka was on the verge of collapse.

And again, these hosts are surprisingly good in the second test in Gale after being remarkably refreshed.

The easiest thing to do was to fall asleep, but Sri Lanka came out on the second day and shook Australia in a spirit of 5-35, before using that moment with the bat.

Unlike Australia’s first inning, the Sri Lankan beats did not allow their opponents to lift their tails, and after losing key wickets, they re-established a larger partnership.

Dimot Karunaratne and Kusal Mendes made 152 runs for the second wicket.

Mendis left early in the third day, but Angelo Mathews and Dennis Chandimal set the Innings quickly again in the 83-run standard.

Matthews said goodbye for 52, but the wicket stood alone, and Chandimal had another stubborn confrontation with Cindu Mendy.

Competition conditions were much better than the first test, and arguably a little better than when Australia first started.

Jayasuriya First Six-Weeks Bags | 01 ፡ 52

However, Sri Lankan beats have impressed the highest price per wicket, giving Australia a small but occasional half chance. Most of them used their legs well to roll, and when they were patient they kicked loose balls.

As a result, the pressure on Australia has increased, but the occasional gap between opportunities has made it harder for them to cope.

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