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Australia win Chicago Sail Grand Prix, Tom Slingsby, Ben Ainslie, Peter Burling, report, result

Chicago, Illinois – Tom Slingsby intends to dive into the fresh water of Lake Michigan, Australia’s Seattle Grand Prix.

Wanting to shoot in the opening day of the second day in Chicago, Australia insulted himself by “buying” teammate Kyle Langford on the water.

The two-time defending champions, who need to win their fifth and final bout and rely on New Zealand, took a big 6-point lead over their Trans-Tasman neighbors to advance to the winner-three. last one.

The rest, they say, was Australia’s last glimpse of Canada, giving Peter New Zealand’s eighth-place finish to New Zealand.

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Australia, Canada and Great Britain won in the Chicago Seoul GP final. Photo: Bob Martin for SailGP.Source fall-provided

According to Sir Ben Ainsley, New Zealand’s ‘shocker’, Australia has allowed it to come to an end.

“No one left in the last race and we came out clean,” Slingsby said.

Burling, a two-time U.S. champion and 2016 Olympic gold medalist, was stunned.

“We sailed well in the first four races and it will be difficult to find the bad last time,” he said.

Australia topped final in Lake Michigan Hurricane Day Photo: Ricardo Pinto for SailGP.Source fall-provided

The day was about Australia and Slingsby, after making their debut in Bermuda last month after Canada and Great Britain lifted their lead at the top of the table.

“It was two and a half days,” Slingsby said, adding that their success was “extraordinary.”

“I felt that we had lost our chance and that our journey to victory was over.

But we got off to a good start in the last race and I went ahead and looked around to see where New Zealand was and I saw them on the back of the pack and I knew math to make the final race and the points worked our way.

The Australian Seilgip team, led by Tom Slingsby, celebrated victory at Navy Pier, Michigan Lake, Season 3, Chicago, Illinois, USA. June 19, 2022 Photo by Simon Brutti for SailGPSource fall-provided

In the past, the Australian F50 has been “dark” because of the fact that Slingsby sailors were seen drowning after four mistakes in the race.

After starting the day with a point from third-placed New Zealand, Australia could not expect a worse start as they finally ended up in the illumination outside Navy Piyer.

Slingsby: “After the first race, the feeling on the board was terrible and it was all over me. “I was so upset.

“I made a terrible mistake when I died in the first race and I did it very early.

“Our winger Kyle Langford said, ‘I don’t think we should hit here’ and I won it and finally, we lost three places in the final round of that race.

“I was so upset. I was trying to catch him, but I don’t think I did very well.

“The boys are great. They knew I was hot, but they knew I was calm again and they gave me some space, and then we started again and we got off to a good start. ”

Tom Slingby (Third Left) and his team celebrate the trophy after defeating the United Seattle Grand Prix. Photo: Bob Martin for SailGP.Source fall-provided

Slingsby said he had no doubt his staff would respond by including the 2013 Oracle team USA, including the impressive team behind the American Cup.

“Our team is very good under pressure,” he said.

Little did anyone know that four of the six men in the Oracle team defeated USA 9-8 in 2013 and were part of the biggest comeback in history. They always know how good they are under pressure.

Slingingby reaffirmed his commitment to the water industry and said he hoped the victory would signal a psychological crisis as he dominated the opening three seasons.

“I hope it hurts everyone psychologically,” he said.

“I hope we put their confidence in them and they feel like they are in second place.

But knowing these other groups and these boats, there is no way you can agree to that.

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