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Carlos Science took the lead in second practice ahead of Saturday’s Austrian Grand Prix race.

The Spaniard, who is new to the Formula One victory in Silverson, finished second in 0.05 seconds with teammate Charles Leckler in Spilburg Ferrarin.

Max Verstapen came in second with 0.168 ahead of Fernando Alonso and Esteban O’Connor for the spring pole.

Sergio Perez dropped from fourth to 13th after being fined for violating track restrictions.

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Mercedes mechanics are in a race to get their cars off the road in the wake of Friday’s crash of Louis Hamilton and George Russell.

Ten minutes after the garage, they had their own car to return to the truck.

But Hamilton’s car, which needed a replacement chassis, was still being heated.

Mercedes was returned after the crash.  (Photo by Brin Lenon / Getty Images)
Mercedes was returned after the crash. (Photo by Brin Lenon / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

The seven-time winner finally joined the race in less than 15 minutes.

Russell finished seventh with Hamilton in ninth place.

The big contest will be played on Sunday at 11/30 pm AEST.

Lecler starts the front row with Verstape and Sensez now joins Russell following Perez’s relegation.

Mercedes head coach Toto Wolf on Friday asked Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, who were pleased with the clash in the Red Bull Ring district of Austria, to “express their views.”

For Saturday’s Austrian Grand Prix race, Hamilton was overjoyed when he hit the wall at the age of seven.

World champions Max Verstapen’s orange-clad Dutch fans soon celebrated the fall of Russell.

“This is not a sport,” Wolf said in a statement to the district on Saturday.

“Fans who rejoice when a driver crashes should doubt the sport’s attitude and perception.”

Lewis Hamilton collapsed during the F1 Grand Prix qualifier. (Photo by Ginter EB / SEPA. Media / Getty Images)Source approached

Hamilton’s behavior at the British Grand Prix at the British Grand Prix last weekend was widely criticized.

“Screaming is not good,” said Wolf.

“We fight as a team but the noise is a personal attack on the driver. Fans have to put themselves in the same position.

“We want fans to be emotional and emotional but this shouldn’t happen when it’s private.”

Ferrari’s counterpart Matthias Benoto echoed those sentiments.

“F1 is a sport with a lot of interest around it but don’t forget it has to be fun – screaming is never good, it’s never right.”

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