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Australian Liam Wilson opens up on ‘dreadful’ downward spiral, fight vs Matias Rueda, when is it, how to watch

Australian boxer Liam Wilson has embarked on a “very difficult” phase of his career as he prepares for a tough career this week.

Wilson (10-1, 7 KO) Argentina’s Matthias Ruda (37-1, 32 KO) will take on the blank WBO International Super Wings in Brisbane on Wednesday night.

The card, which appears on Fox Sports and Kayo, will be Wilson’s first act of action.

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In their second match in March, it was Wilson’s first battle after Joe Noinain’s horrible victory over “the left hook of hell.”

That was the highlight of the KO victory, but the 26-year-old showed the dark emotional turmoil we went through after losing his first battle with Noinai last year – his first career defeat.

Speaking to Ben Damon on the main event podcast, Wilson said he was ready to take revenge on Noinai by beating him again.

“This was the most unpleasant thought I had ever experienced in my life as a human,” said Wilson, who was training for the Second World War.

“Nothing compares to that. I don’t know what depression is, I don’t know how I feel when people talk about it, but I have a good understanding of what I’ve experienced and what I’ve experienced.

“I was thinking 24/7 in that camp. Everything is broken in my personal life.

Liam Wilson went to a dark place.  (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)
Liam Wilson went to a dark place. (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

“Especially one day I was very anxious or whatever I remember, I came to a farm or paddock near the swimming pool where I was going. I parked the car and walked hundreds of meters to this field and just lay on my back.

“I didn’t cry, but like ‘F *** I made the right choice? Can I really beat this guy? F *** What is this guy doing to me? Has my wife left me?’

“My mind was everywhere – winning the mind, losing the mind, losing.”

Wilson said he was not with his children, as long as he asked his daughter to assure him that he would win the fight.

“I could not get along with my children,” he says.

“My mind was shaking. For example, my little girl Charlotte, I think it’s been a week since the war.

I remember sitting on the couch talking to her and instead of being a father and having fun, I was sitting there talking about Joe Noinai. I said, ‘Charlotte, you promise to win the fight.’ ‘Yes, he does,’ she says.

“And in my head I was like, ‘Why did I ask my little girl like that?’ I was like this: ‘You know what you forgot about that Charlotte, I promise you I will win. I won the f *** fight. I was asking my little girl the answer. It was really scary.

“Of course when I got into the ring I started crying. That’s when I was in the most difficult place of my life. I fought for my honor.”

When Liam Wilson defeated Joe Noinai. (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

“My two little boys were watching me when I saw the man who killed me eight months ago.”

Wilson’s victory over Noinai increased his lead from WBO and IBF to 6 in the world rankings.

He is now in a much better position of mind and is well-prepared to fight Ruda, who represents the toughest challenge in his career.

Wilson could have struggled, but he was determined.

Queensland will be relegated to 2016 and will be relegated to the semi-finals of the RPG with 32 wins over KO / TKO.

If he wins, Wilson will lose the World Cup or the title race.

Also featured on the battle card are NRL great Justin Hodgs and Ben Hannet’s former Broncos teammates going to the ring.

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