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Bazball England play style, Steve Smith response, Australia vs Sri Lanka second Test

Australia’s Steve Smith said on Wednesday that he found the new striker’s style of play “fun” but “sustainable”.

England overcame all four challenges with new boss Brendan’s “Baz” McCullum and boss Ben Stokes on Tuesday in a fearless new mindset.

“I saw a little bit of it, it was really fun, they were shooting,” Smith said ahead of Australia’s second test against Sri Lanka on Friday.

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“Even someone like Alex Leiss started going down the Wicket when he didn’t have to play the way he did (in India),” he told reporters.

Earlier in the day, during a clean-up session, he shouted, “Basball,” and Smith said, “I look forward to seeing how long it will last.

“If you come on a grassy wicket and Josh Hazlewood, (Pat) Cummis and (Michel) Stark are coming in. Is that so? We will see what happens. ”

England’s Joe Ruth is now hundreds of years older than Smith, but the Australian rival is quick to point out that he has played 35 more attempts.

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“He’s a quality player and he seems to be very difficult to get out of right now,” Smith said of the runner-up.

The traveling Australian team hit the hosts with a hammer in the opening match and played cricket, turning to the field for one of the two test series.

Spencer Nathan Lyon led the bowling bill with nine wickets and the bat players made good use of a free-kick from Cameron Green 77.

“We went very fast in the first test. You just sat there without playing your shot or trying to score a goal. So they helped them before they met us,” Smith said.

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