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The BBC’s Overseas Player Draft has finally been unveiled after years of planning.

It is a seismic change for the competition and Cricket Australia hopes that the BBL will improve its position on the global calendar in the ever-evolving short form competition.

Details: The BBL revolution has arrived, according to the preliminary draft of the Overseas Stars

The concept is simple. Teams then select two or three players in four rounds, with teams who have struggled in the past year more likely to be selected earlier in the first round.

After all, it doesn’t matter how clubs sign Australian players.

On the surface, it looks straightforward – clubs take turns choosing the best international talent.

But the details of the draft show the potential for new creative and fraudulent strategies that add a new dimension to the competition for clubs (and even players).

Here is all you need to know how it works.

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The basic prem-

Players from all over the world present themselves to the draft nominees, candidates open today. Players can compete for the entire tournament or play only part of the tournament – this is important to attract celebrities who want to leave in the middle of the season in high-profile competitions in the UAE, Pakistan or South Africa. .

The date of the draft has not yet been determined, but there may be several months left – but it is enough time for the teams to lock their overseas star in advance, so it is enough to plan the rest of the list well from the end of the competition. Of the year.

How it works

There are four categories of players – Platinum (Top Level), Gold, Silver and Bronze. Before cricket Australia selects the top 10-15 players and appoints platinum players, players can be nominated in all or any category of gold, silver or bronze.

Essentially, each category comes with a specific fee, Regardless of how many players a player plays. More below!

There are four rounds in the draft and clubs are limited to which player to choose in each round.

– 1st round purple platinum only

– 2nd round fet platinum or gold

– 3 rounds: gold or silver

– 4th round of silver or bronze

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Who chooses when?

Clubs select players in a weighted lottery order, with teams that finished lower last season more likely to be selected. After the first round, the ‘Snakes’ sequence goes from group 1 to 8 in R2, then group 8 returns to 1 in the next round, and so on.

A team can ‘pass’ in one round but must select two or three players to complete the draft.

Also, a team can use a ‘hold’ option to keep the player they represented last season – especially as a veto power to save the opponent’s fans. More about that below.

What does it mean for players?This is a great encouragement to many international players.

First, you can assign one category (gold, silver, bronze) or more. But, importantly, you can assign different playing opportunities for each category. Combine the payouts for each category, regardless of the number of games played, and there is a place for smart players to try to take advantage of the market.

For example, a player may choose to play for the entire season if he is paid in gold, but he may decide to play for the rest of the season in silver or bronze. This allows them to play half a season and try their hand at something else, they should not be placed in the top tier. Players can decide what they think are worth it, and edit their availability to match.

But this adds to the risk for the player. A player may believe he is eligible for a gold contract and will only choose to be included in this category – forcing a club that wants to pay more or miss out. However, if a player is not selected as a gold medalist, there is no chance of him being relegated to the lower divisions (silver or bronze).

It will be interesting to see which players are selected in which categories and their playing services vary.

Sydney, Australia - December 12 አንድ Stare star Andre Russell in the men's Big Bash League between Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Stars at GIANTS Stadium, December 12, 2021, in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)
Sydney, Australia – December 12 አንድ Stare star Andre Russell in the men’s Big Bash League between Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Stars at GIANTS Stadium, December 12, 2021, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

What it means for groups

First of all, it is a great opportunity for struggling teams to hunt down good players and start their hopes for the future. They can try to weaken their opponents by stealing their biggest weaknesses – signing a quality opener or speeding machine – and at the same time stealing their best players.

No one is safe – well, almost. Each group has one ‘retention option’.

I will use a hypothetical example to explain how it works.

Condition one

Team A finished last season at the bottom of the ladder. In the lottery, you win Peak 1. This means that in the first round you will get the first choice of any ‘Platinum’ player – Cream Cream. Suppose (one more timeThis is approximate) They choose Rashid Khan of the Spaniard of Afghanistan to lead their bowling attack on BBL12.

But the Adelaide attackers, who Khan has been playing with since 2017, are keen to keep fan-favorite Khan in their squad, so use their retention option.

[Sidenote: A player must have been named in the XI or as an X-Factor Player for that team last season to be eligible for a retention pick].

To keep Khan, the attackers are forced to use their retention option immediately before choosing the next team.

Team A now selects a different platinum player, and the draft continues. Once the attackers have used their ‘retention option’ to prove themselves to Can, they make no choice when it comes to their turn.

This is where the fun comes in. The attackers (in our hypothesis) are locked in Kan – but now they are out of custody. If they want to keep other players, they have to choose for themselves – and hopefully their rivals will not pick them up first!

How does a BBL draft pick work?Source: FOX SPORTS

Condition two

But there is another important factor. Suppose a hypothetical group selects two rounds first, then group Y selects the second. If Team Y chooses a player to represent Team Z last season, Team Z You cannot use their retention option Because you made that choice. Therefore, teams should weigh the risk of losing their own players in terms of the rewards they receive from selecting the best players elsewhere.

Scene Three

Here is another sweet treat. Suppose the player is a candidate for both gold and silver. Each team in the competition will be considered eligible. Silver Agreement. They want the team (Group A) they played in last season to stay around. Team B picks team A ahead of Team A in the second round, and selects the player as A Gold Category player. Now Team A has to make a tough decision. Or did you let him go to Group B?

The draft creates all these conditions!

Teams may want to go through a series of rounds, hoping to lose the same player on a cheap contract (eat it in bronze) – and lose a player who is willing to give priority to the player and pay more.

And, of course, there is an obvious confusion over the supply of players.

Fans hope that Faad Ahmed will return to the BBC.Source: Getty Images

How does this affect AUSSIES in Squad?

A final rule may outline how groups approach the draft. Teams must select at least two players and a maximum of three players during the draft.

The squad is comprised of 18 players, each with a salary cap of $ 1.9 million. But part of that $ 1.9m has to be spent on international trade – and cricket Australia is also top of the list for overseas players in the draft.

However, this means that there is a tendency to shape their teams in different ways in terms of domestic and international integration. Some teams may want to go through one round and avoid buying a platinum player before selecting two players instead of three (eat one gold and one silver). That gives them an extra pay section to give priority to Australian signatures.

Another team could load one platinum player in each round, and three gold players in each round – the highest category in each round – and top international players.

In addition, it is possible to call up three international players at the same time on Game XI, but teams may sign up for the draft but not selected for the draft.

In total, the highest international number is seven – either two drafts and five replacements (although which team needs five replacements?) Or three drafts and four replacements.

That’s played in a draft-night strategy.

Everything is a brilliantly designed system. It allows teams to capture our fan-favorite player, thereby maintaining their franchise heart and rewarding loyalty. Its weighty lottery system means that the teams that are fighting are pre-selected, adjusting the playing field. And before the season begins, it will feature many dramas. bring it on!

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