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Ben Hannant vs Justin Hodges, how to watch, start time, live stream

Futi opened the big Ben Hannett with a stunning press release and promised to take former Maroons teammate Justin Hodgs to a “dark place of truth.”

In the professional boxing event, Hantes weighed in at 104.16kg from the heavyweight division at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center on Wednesday night.

The former Cowboys and Bulldogs star said in a press release on Monday that he was torn apart by Hodgs and Unlimited CEO George Rose, but Hannibal said he would support the state in Game II of Origin and took a sweater against his opponent.

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“I was still in Perth and I was flying back,” Hannat told

“I’m proud of Queensland. I’ve been supporting my team and my state. It was one of the things I could not go back in time.

Asked why he was counting down to Tuesday in just 30 seconds, Hannie replied.

“I’m too busy,” he said. “I have a wife and eight children to care for. I got my breakfast radio program. I am not a full-time athlete, I just go out and watch. ”

Wilson rises to fight for home people! | 03:00

Hannant also responded to Rose’s frustration by his absence on Monday, challenging the former’s legitimacy and criticizing those who doubted his ring skills.

“I hope he (Rose) puts his hands in his pockets,” Hannat said.

“We’re going to have a show, we’re having fun.

“Words are words. When I was part of the original series and my whole life, people wrote me. People can say what they want. My job at the end of the day is to have fun, whether in the ring or in the ring.

“My story speaks for itself. My first fight with Josh Papali no one said I would stay for 30 seconds. He took the distance and didn’t want a match again. Since then I have had a charity struggle and I have removed that cabbage.

There’s a lot going on in the heavyweight lineup because winning both men could create a mouth-watering battle with the most successful rugby league star Paul Gallen.

Hannibal knows he will be tested against Hodgs, who is already a professional wrestler under his belt, but despite having a great time preparing, he is fully prepared for what the former Broncos star will bring to the table.

“It’s really a short preparation, but it’s also a lot of fun to examine yourself and put yourself in a dark place,” she said.

“To find any true happiness or success in life, you have to go through difficult times, go through a lot of pain and go to a lot of dark places.

“I’m sure we’ll be there. We are about to be beaten, and we both go to some dark place.

Hodgship I punch as much as I can! | 01 ፡ 17

She predicted how the fight would end, and that she would delight fans who had marched to the Brisbane Convention Center last night.

“I don’t think he will go far. It will be hard, it will be powerful, but I am knocking on it.

“We are not here to show our boxing skills. I’m not a boxer but I’m a competitor and Justin is. He thinks he’s a boxer and wants a big fight with Paul Gallen.

“I never wanted this fight, they came looking for me. I think they made a mistake by coming after me.

In tonight’s headline, Liam Wilson will take on the IBF International Feather Weight with Matthias Ruda.

Wilson weighed 58.78 kg, Ruda finished 58.74 kg, and the Austrian star’s goal for Wednesday’s main event was clear.

“I’m coming to this fight with the pressure of playing boxing and calculated boxing in the last game,” Wilson said.

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