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Ben Simmons, Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, trade rumours

It has been 382 days since Ben Simons started playing basketball.

After 382 days That is to say. To pass, That is to say. Defeat and Those Press releases.

Now in a new city, Simons is looking at a crossroads where things are supposed to improve – he can decide the rest of his work, not just dramas.

Kevin Durant wants to leave Brooklyn. Kerry Irving may also be on the move, and what should have been the perfect basketball situation for Simon, initially as a nightmare, with a silver lining.

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How did we get here?

“I don’t mind,” said LeBron James, a 2015 comparison between him and Siemens when he was a first-year student at LSU.

Simmons sat in the NBA after a ‘real’ rookie year before he won the Rocky of the Year in 2018.

A high star arc was formed.

He raised three consecutive stars, including his last active year in Philadelphia, but as the conversation began to change, Australia’s average job opportunity — with points, recovery, and assistance.

It was before the 2020-21 campaign that Simon was floating on the James Harden business.

He was no longer untouchable.

Simmons could never be LeBron James. But once you ask, ‘Whom do you choose?’ What was the legal argument? Between Simmons and Joel Embiid, he now has a very simple answer.

That old truth reached its peak in the Atlanta Hawks, and before Simon, he decided he wanted a Philadelphia because of his mental health.

Things are going well with Atlanta.
Things are going well with Atlanta.Source Fate-Getty Images

So, he sat down. And he sat down. And a little more saved.

And then, all of a sudden, thank you to some other The star-studded drama in the NBA – I know, shock – it all sat down and split.

They say that good things will come to those who wait for them.

Siemens landed in Brooklyn after a long wait, the second most talented in NBA history; A perfect one-two punch to meet the Australian’s best play and defense.

Scary, right? Even Siemens thought so.

But instead of bringing the three-headed monster to Brooklyn for the first time, Simons has never appeared in court – other than to rehabilitate his team-mates – Durant and Irving are out of the first qualifying game.

It was okay though, because Simmons will be healthy for the start of the 2022-23 season, and those trio still have at least some meaning on paper.

But nothing It really makes sense in the NBA.

So, Brooklyn and Irving fought over an extension, before the star entered for a year. Before Durant’s bombing, the accident was long overdue until the Nets’ starting lineup began posting next season.

ChaosSource Fate-Getty Images

Where are we now?

who knows? Durant still wants to leave, but Brooklyn is said to be waiting for an offer to destroy them. It’s hard to know what that will look like after Rudy Gobert’s Mammoth trip.

Irving is all around. But who knows how long. And very soon, Simon will find himself in a situation more than ever.

To make matters worse, Simmons – already a relatively unknown figure in the NBA world – is also the reason for the dragging of Brooklyn Durant.

Due to the Ruki extension, Simon’s place could not come to Brooklyn while he was an Australian with a similar contract on the roster.

This means that unless the nets are able to move the Simons, the likes of Davin Bucker, Donovan Mitchell, Bam Adebayo, Tray Young, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. are out of the table.

The problem is that the price of Siemens has never been lower.

Simons had to be sealed for Philadelphia by Sister Carrie, Andre Drummond and two first-round picks to get past Prime Minister James Hardon.

Since then, Simon’s stock has plummeted, and although Durant and Irving have left, Brooklyn’s separation from Siemens may not make sense.

Joe Ingles jiggles up Milwaukee | 01:07

What happens next?

According to an Instagram post posted before Durant’s business request, Siemens was “surprised” when he was preparing for a new start in Brooklyn.

Soon, Simon’s Instagram account was unlocked, and the idea of ​​a new start came up with many questions.

Simmons could theoretically move to release that designated Rocky Spot, or he could leave Brooklyn without Durant and Irving, with new actors and a completely different role.

That’s where we come to the intersection.

In September last year, it was reported that the Simons camp goalkeeper wanted to sell to a team built around him. Instead, he arrived in Brooklyn where he could never be ‘the man.’

And that sounds good about everything that happened in the past.

But play this game with me.

Suppose Durant is going to Phoenix, for debate (you can do this with multiple groups). When Michael Bridges and Dendre see us coming to Brooklyn and in a deal that could see draft elections.

And after Durant left, let’s assume that Irving will either disappear or force his way.

Everyone is healthy and the procession looks like this: We’ve seen Ben Simons, Sess Carrie, Joe Harris, Michael Bridges, Deander.

It may not be a title contender. And certainly not a team made for Simmons. At least not publicly. But it makes a lot of sense when you think of the defensive and three-point bullets that one can make around it.

You could even argue that Simons would be the best player on that team, who could either establish himself as Brooklyn or raise the value of a business.

In some ways, Simmons is the only way to reach the heights once expected. The only way to be a ‘man’ again.

Of course, he must be Simon who is not afraid of the moment, who is not afraid of being deceived, shot, and misled. And we don’t know if Simmons is still there. Or never did.

But we may know.

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