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Benji Marshall blasts Shaun Johnson critics as Warriors flounder in NRL

Former Kiwis teammate Benji Marshall has strongly defended Shaw Johnson, a NRL fighter who called for a retirement at the end of the season.

Following a string of six defeats and the relegation of coach Nathan Brown, his contract with the 15-year-old fighters at the NRL table is one year away.

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Marshall said on Triple M that the Warriors were using Johnson at half-time, which was unsuitable for the game.

“Everyone has this expectation about Shaun and his style of play and I have said before: ‘He has been taken to the Warriors to be the manager of the game.’

I think the strength is in the race and I would make it to the eighth to the eighth.

Johnson, the great man of the NRL, had a crush on those who called for his retirement. The 31-year-old is playing in the 12th season of the NRL and has signed a two-year deal with the Warriors since this season.

Shawn Johnson fought back after rejoining the warriors. (Photo by Bradley Canaryis / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

I heard calls over the weekend to think about retirement – maybe he should think about his legacy. I say shut up. Because that’s what he wants, ”said Marshall.

“No one can understand how difficult it was to be off the field for so many veterans (who moved to Australia because of Covdit), especially since Shaw did not take his wife and children with him. I think once he finds peace there he can return to his family and re-evaluate his whereabouts.

“Whether he wants to retire or not is up to him. I do not think he will go away and say, ‘Yes, I am finished.’ It’s not over. If he wants to, he can come back and do it.

I hear some of his criticisms as a policeman, yes, we understand that he is not playing the best or the best we have seen, but this does not mean that he should think about retiring.

In talks, the Warriors could pull Johnson out of the contract later this year, Marshall said.

“This is fine, but I don’t think it’s fair,” he said. If you are thinking about it, look for ways to support the person and help him or her get the best out of it because they are the ones who signed it.

Benji Marshall Johnson says he has to give a lot. NRL photosSource: Daily Daily Telegraph

This story first appeared in the NZ Herald and has been duplicated.

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