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Former NRL star and current Wigan speedster Bevan French scored a Super League record seven tries as the Warriors ran away with a 60-0 win over Hull FC on Saturday morning.

The first of his seven tries came from a simple pressure play, with another ex-NRL player, Jai Field, connecting with the French right wing and going untouched.

The pitch was soon found again, chasing Harry Smith’s shot and then popping the ball for a French fan, the winger again finding the line for a corner.

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The 26-year-old scored in the 32nd minute after the Frenchman finished off the back of the net and the home side couldn’t stop the scoring.

Field was rewarded with a try of his own before France’s third, but the ex-Il soon after made his fourth, forcing a kicking error and pouncing on the loose ball.

There were four tries for France in one half and they kept coming in the second.

30 yards from the Hull line, the Frenchman danced through the defense and scored a brilliant individual try.

The home-France tie resumed later on when France scored the sixth, beating the Hull defense before crossing for the seventh and final try of the game.

France could have had a few more tries but were substituted in the 57th minute, given a well-earned early break.

“You don’t go into games expecting to break records but I’m very grateful and it’s something I’ll cherish forever,” France told reporters after the match.

The 26-year-old has lit up the Super League since his move to Wigan in 2019, although the Frenchman is a man to be reckoned with in terms of where his future lies in the game.

Sky Sports Analyst Jenna Brooks said last month that the Warriors hoped the out-of-contract Frenchman would remain at the club and was “closer” to re-signing.

“They’re hoping he’ll stay but there’s still a desire to come home,” she added about his potential return to the NRL.

Warriors coach Matt Peat will be hoping the Frenchman stays on after Saturday morning’s seven-try heroics.

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It is far from the only time the Frenchman has impressed with his electric pace on the wing, having previously scored a hat-trick against Salford Devils in June.

The Frenchman played a starring role in Wigan’s comprehensive victory over Wakefield Trinity earlier in the year.

“It’s good to have different threats and Bevan is one of them,” Peet said of France after that win.

“He’s a player you love to watch. I think it’s very dangerous when Bevan thinks there’s nothing for him, so everyone just waits when he comes in.

“He’s a special player, he took some high balls today and he’s great to work with. Sometimes it’s in the little things Bevan brings up that the game falters and Wakefield has a bit of fun.

Pete said at the time that the Frenchman was “not close” to signing a new contract, but the club were “in touch” with the winger’s management.

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