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Billy Slater knew what it was like to win as a player, to win the Provan-Sumon Cup – twice in his case – the part of the Melbourne machine that has long dominated the NRL.

He knows how to win and yet. This I felt different. This did not feel like another victory.

He had won a series of games as a player but when asked what it meant to be a coach, Slater paused – for five seconds or more – during which time he was clearly arrested.

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He confessed at a post-match press conference.

Slater paused: “It’s a very difficult question to answer.

“I don’t think I was more proud of my team than I am now. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a row right now … but I feel like I have a real relationship with this group.

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Billy Slater was a good start as a coach. (Photo by Bradley Canaryis / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Speaking to reporters ahead of Game 1, he said he was not sure where the coach’s trip would take him.

“I never put my finger in it [coaching] In my life; For me, this is just the beginning … but it’s part of my Queensland origins, ”Slater said in June.

“So I don’t know where it will take me. This group has been important to me since I was four years old. That’s the only reason I’m here. ”

Although there is a team that is more important to Slater, it is a club that has played 323 games, and the game proves its legacy as an unprecedented bigback.

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And with the assumption that Craig Bellamy could play another role in Melbourne in the near future, you can naturally consider the following question.

Is Slater a replacement for Bellamy, who is ready to take their long-term replacement plans to the next level?

It is a question. Sletter is facing the biggest challenge of his coaching career so far until Wednesday.

While Cameron Munster and Murray Taulagi were out of the game, Queensland was treated as outsiders and the obstacles came only to the Marines.

According to NSW Assistant Danny Budders, coaching in the NRL is a “completely different beast.” SEN Radio This year’s series leadership.

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Can Billy Slater take over Craig Bellamy? (Photo by Scott Barbor / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

The week-to-week coaching behavior at Clubland is extremely unpredictable, although Sterter is unprepared for Wednesday’s crucial opener.

Selwin Kobo and Lindsay Collins hit the front of the head, but Sletter was not shocked.

The quality that Cameron Smith noticed in his former team-mate – as a coach and as a player – is what every coach needs if he wants to get to the NRL level.

Bill’s biggest thing – and he was a player, but now he’s taken on that coaching role – when things go awry and things don’t go according to plan, he’s the one who did it, and he will continue to do it, ”Smith said of the ‘Captain Run’. Sen. 1170.

At first it was like this: ‘Munster is gone, it wasn’t good. Murray has tried positively, that’s two. It’s not fair. ‘ From then on, the next morning everyone was negative, we were ready to go and he said: ‘Tom Dearden, you’re in. Corey Oates, you’re in ‘. Let’s go ahead, guys.

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It is not just the pressure of the slater that makes it ideal in the NRL. According to former Blues coach Laurry Dale, even the way Slater controls himself in the media reminds Bellamy.

“He talks about how we focus on ourselves and the process. Bellamy has taught the Melbourne hurricane players everything,” Deli said on The Big Sports Breakfast. Sky Sports Radio.

He is very focused and does not bother you at all.

The hurricane has been around since the days of Slatter, Smith and Kron, but Bellamy is still permanent, one of the reasons you can’t side with the champions.

Even though he is in Melbourne, he is on the verge of completing the change of guard.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. It still seems a bit unusual to bring someone like Slater into the collection, as if the release of Bellamy had begun in a different era.

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This could be a good selling point as Melbourne looks to compete with other clubs to sign out-of-contract Cameron Munster at the end of the 2023 season.

Jesse Bromwich may move to the Dolphins next year, but in due course he will consider his former teammate Balaam’s appeal.

“When he was a player, he felt like he was a coach because he was very vocal,” Bromwich said in March.

“He has a lot of knowledge about the game … How good would it be if someone like Billy Slater was our club coach?”

Is Slater the future coach of Melbourne? (Photo by Mark Colbe / Getty Images)Source Fate-Getty Images

Of course, Slater must first decide whether he feels ready to jump into full-time coaching.

Hurricane Football Chief Frank Ponissi said in April this year SEN’s ‘Sportsday’, he is “a completely different beast” and there is another “big question mark.”

“If he wanted to be a head coach, he could easily have done so,” says Ponisi.

“He is incredibly intelligent and, above all, has an amazing ability to deliver the message. As many people know, they train with us in their spare time and are very good players.

The big question is will Billy want to be the head coach? I don’t think he is going much on Channel Nine, he has a passion for horses, he is coaching Queensland Origins and he has a job with us.

“This is the question. He can’t do it, but he wants to do it? ”

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If Sterter eventually took over from Bellamy, Daley said that would mean abandoning his role with Meron, thinking how much home football would be “emotionally brutal.”

“Do you think Freddie is coaching in Clebland today?”

“When you go back to training, you get flat after last night’s frustration. At the end of the startup period, I was cleared. ”

Sletter, on the other hand, rushes after Wednesday’s victory and may be the window of Melbourne’s master plan.

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