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Bitesize Prediction: Palmeiras vs Atletico GO – 16/02/22

Competition Brazilian Serie A

Market Palm trees win

Opportunities 4/9 @ 888 Sports

Palmeras will host Atletico GO at Allianz Park on Thursday night in a bid to extend what is truly purple.

Another eye-catching display for the last time since the hosts, Palmeras has undoubtedly won many plaid since launching the 2022 campaign. In the end, Abel Ferreira’s side defeated Cote d’Ivoire 2-0 on the road and are widely regarded as the leading contenders for this year’s Serie A title. The atmosphere in their camp seemed to be at an all-time high, with the Greens on Thursday holding a point at the top of the table in Allianz Park. In the middle of the match, the Brazilian giants have not lost a single match in 17 matches in all competitions. During the spectacular process until April 9, Palmeras continued to shine on displays at both ends of the field. Ferrera’s top flight team is looking forward to continuing their progress with a 4-0 win over Botafogo earlier this month.

As for the visitors, while Atletico Geo are still shoulder to shoulder with the waiting zone, they are enjoying recent improvements. The Dragons gathered for the first time in a row this season after a 2-0 away win over Flemingse. However, despite a defeat last month, head coach Jorginho knew late on Thursday night that his side had a big task ahead of them. It should be noted that although Atletico have had some form in recent weeks, Atletico have a serious record against trophies. Last season, the two sides lost 4-0 at Allianz Park, and the Goats-based outfit have lost seven of their last eight games against Palmeiras. Although Atletico have recently grown, it is difficult to see anything but midweek victory for the Brazilians on the field.

Beatle Palmeiras beat Atletico Madrid 4/9 in the Brazilian Serie A on Thursday. @ 888 Sport

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