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Latrell Mitchell has made several appearances for the NSW Blues in a bid for Latrell Mitchell’s decision to move from self-determination to self-determination.

Here is a slightly different take. Never in Queensland.

Mitchell is the star of the show, and his presence and influence was no more obvious than he had complained about in Paramanata on Saturday in South Sydney.

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But what a wonderful leadership and maturity he showed in the Fox League interview.

Jamie Lyon did the same thing ten years ago when it came to family, and whenever there was a dispute over Greg England’s birthplace, the Marons were always happy to apply.

The fact is, the Blues have only won two consecutive decisions in Brisbane in their 43-year history in 1994 and 2005.

In terms of risk, there is a big debate at Suncorp Stadium Beginning III as big as the playoffs.

Although Latrell has only played 80 minutes in the NRL in the last 10 weeks, there is no question that he is a big player for the event.

Lateral Mitchell was one of the Blues’ best players last year. Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

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Take a look at last year’s series of big time acquisitions for NSW. With the exception of Tommy Turbo, Latrell was the Blues’ best player.

It is very good for South Sydney and there is a side to the debate about whether it is a sign of maturity.

But we can’t see Gordon Talis, Mick Crocker, Trevor Gilmester or Mal Meninga playing the same card with Marion Jump.

For NSW fans, Legion, that’s what hurts.

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It was a brutal call for Whiteton’s way of playing while NSW was on his back foot for 60 minutes in Start 1.

What do you think about Latrel’s decision?

And what about the NSW and Queensland parties? Who will win this year’s series?

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