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Only the Western Tigers will have no choice but to dismiss the coach and lose the club’s first target, ready to be replaced.

Nick Polisis had to make tough decisions on the Roosters when he went back and Tricolor Kingpin always had plans B, C and D.

just in case.

When Uncle Nick Ricky fired Stuart, he secretly shook hands with Wayne Bennett to leave the Broncos, and there was a similar arrangement when Brian Smith had to leave and Trent Robinson to replace him.

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Matamuwa saved minutes for the first time! | 00:35

Of course, Wayne turned his back on the deal and turned it around.

Pennies, Roosters, Melbourne – Successful and Sustainable.

The Tigers – unfortunately – did not know what success would be if they were teleported to Bennett, Craig Bellamy or Jack Gibson’s dressing room.

Exhibition A: Local junior Mitch Moses set up a paramedic clinic on Saturday night to lead 12-Nile down one of West Leopard’s Oval Spiritual Homes.

Exhibition B will be James Tedesco – Yes, another local junior – NSW at the Captain of the City of the City of Wednesday night.

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There are calls for Tim Shins to train the Tigers.Source: News News Corp Australia

Over the past seven years we have been able to keep up with office failures but it is like screaming into the elevator shaft.

Nothing will change.

When we spoke to Tim Shins last week, his idea of ​​taking over as coach was discussed at a media luncheon two weeks ago at the Grappa League’s headquarters at Leahhardt, but neither the club nor his choice. Optional.

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Wests Tigers Press Release | 06 ፡ 55

That seems to have changed as the 71-year-old continues to be pushed by top decision makers in the West Tigers.

Sheens will have a clever game with Robbie Farah and Benji Marshall around him.

At least all three players are skinny in the game and will definitely have the West Tigers in their heart.

Who do you think should be the head coach of the West Tigers? What changes will you make to the club?

Ask hops questions starting at 2 30 30 a.m. below. Can’t see? Click here.

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