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Blues changes, Greg Alexander explains, NSW vs QLD, team, game two, Damien Cook, Matt Burton

Blues assistant Greg Alexander NSW explains why he made seven changes to his team because of the conflict with the Maons in Origin II and the mentality behind some bad calls.

The Blues have made seven changes to their team and eight changes.

“Brandy, there were eight changes in the team. Can you take us reasonably and mentally to make more changes?” Kent asked on NRL 360.

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“If you talk about the 17 people who take the field, Jack White was not available because of Covidy, which was unfortunate,” Alexander said.

“We decided to put Matt Burton aside. Like Jack’s replacement. We know Matt is a very good center and we know he was in good shape when playing for the Bulldogs.

But we know he is a good center. He is an excellent hole runner and in fact, he is a substitute for any other half.

“We didn’t want to carry half the back or cover on the bench, so Matt Burton took a middle position.

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Greg Alexander explains the changes in the blues.Source: FOX SPORTS

“We decided to go right with Stephen Criston to the center right before the Cotton Stages.

“Historic Sims missed other changes. In the first game, Cameron Murray rose from the bench. After a three-week break and returning to the south, he may have been a little tired.

“Cameron is in the starting line-up with Lime Martin, who has played well.

“We decided to go with two prostitutes. The app starts up and Damien Cook comes out of his seat.

“Knock on the cookie. We thought we should be as good as possible outside of the dummyhalf for 80 minutes.

“Api Koroisau is a very good defender. He is an attacker in defense. So we went that route and started with AP and decided to take the cookie off the bench.

“Jake Trbojevic is back. He missed a game. Last year’s series only played 20 minutes in Townsville.

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Freddie Explains NSW Changes 2 | 04 ፡ 51

Daniel Seifiti was our best striker last year and we decided to replace him with someone who can hit the ball and run a few meters and is Reagan Campbell-Guild.

“We have decided to go with Jack, who could add some starch in defense.

“We’ve made two changes to the bench. Angus Creekton is coming back to the side. Angus has done the job for us in the middle or on the edge of the past.

“And Siocefa Great has the ability to play on the edge if we want to in the center, in the back row and in the middle. So these are side changes.”

Despite mass changes, Alexander rejected the idea that the Blues were too scared to arm the series.

Alexander: “No shock, Kenti.

“No, not at all. We are trying to pick a winning team.

“The unity you are talking about, I think Matt Burton played enough ball with the players around him.

“Like Apple Corissa. Turning Cameron Murray from bench to bench, I do not think there is any panic in this.

Burton received the good news from Freddie! | 00:29

“We’ve played two prostitutes before and Damien has started, but his time is deciding to go with AP.

“And there is no panic in our decision to vote for Jack Troops. So there is no shock.

“That tag has been dropped a few times over the last five years. No Shock ”

Although he made two late changes in the first game, Alexander believes 13 starts will end on Sunday night.

Alexander: “I don’t think so.

But this is the coach’s right to change. But he named it. I’m sure that’s how they take the field.

One of the most controversial calls in the team was Victor Radley’s choice, despite the fact that the Roster Lock missed the season due to injury, but Alexander defended the decision.

“Freddie has wanted to sideline Victor for the last four years and Victor’s injury has worried him,” Alexander said.

Many changes to the Blues Team | 02 ፡ 33 33

Victor has been the best lock in the game since his return in 2019 and suddenly Victor missed the Origen series due to injury.

“And it was the pairs of 13 who jumped on top of him: Isaac Jehu and Cameron Mere.

But Freddy always wanted to see Victor as part of the team, and the opportunity arose.

“Before he mentioned the team, he talked to Trent Robinson and Victor and Victor said it was right to go like Trent Robinson, so Freddy did not hesitate to side with Victor.

“Victor is a very good character. He is a winner. He is competitive.

One of the players, Seocepha the Great, comes out of the bench, and Alexander explains his views on the Sharks’ Choice.

“It’s a cover for any external back injury,” Alexander said.

“He can play in the center or he can play in the back or in the middle. It depends on how the game goes.

“He is so versatile that he offers many solutions to everything we need.

“If one of the back rowers wanted a break, we could put King Criston in there or we could use a tackle to put King in the middle. The versatility is really helpful.

Fleach and Hindi to drink beer with Mali | 05 ፡ 19

The Blues have conceded a loss and believe Alexander NSW played well in the starting XI.

“We have to be better,” Alexander said.

“We have to pay more attention to the jungle and realize that this is not a club game. It’s the beginning and the penalties like to be small.

“You have to push the boundaries. You don’t want to play pretty. I thought we were pretty good at things.

“It seems we don’t want to offend anyone. The purity, the purity, the purity, the purity, the purity, the purity, the purity, the purity, the purity, the purity. I’m sure we will be better off in that area.

One of the biggest mistakes in the first two games was Kangaroo wing winger Jos Ado Ado, who admitted that leaving the Bulldogs star was a difficult decision.

“Yes, it’s very close,” Alexander said.

“Of course he is. It’s not easy to leave someone like Josh Ado-Car Out, believe me.

“There is a lot of debate about him. But if he has done nothing wrong, we have decided to stay with Daniel Tupu.

“I really thought he was good for NSW and he was for Roster again this weekend.

“I also feel for Foxx because I love Foxx.

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