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Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors score, box score, Steph Curry shooting, Game 6 Klay, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum

Trans Overseas proved to be one of Boston’s biggest goals in the post-season era, but this time around it was the Golden State. Jaylen Brown (five points) and Jason Tatum (three points) may have scored at the time, but Marcus Smart was involved with two points and two assists. Boston Point.

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Friday, June 17

Friday, June 17

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Boston backs are tied to the wall as they enter the sixth round of the NBA, but Celtic star Jaylen Brown has vowed not to back down with the Golden State Warriors.

“We look forward to the test,” Brown said on Thursday.

“We have to hug. There is no other way around it. The final game on the floor of our house covers the entire season.

“We want to give everything we have. We are not afraid. We are not afraid of the Golden State Warriors. We want to go out and play the best basketball version we can.

Pool sinks from DEEP giant buzzer | 00:42

The Warriors won 5: 104-94 in San Francisco on Monday, moving on from their fourth title in eight years.

Warriors star Stephen Curry, who was outnumbered last night but won the No. 1 draft by Andrew Wiggins, scored 26 points with two rivals and two tackles and a ban as the Golden State took over. 3-2 Series Leader.

If the Celtics want to force a crucial return to Game 7 in California, they will not be able to make 18 turnovers on Thursday.

According to Brown, the start of the Boston season is now in full swing as the team struggles to recover from two consecutive defeats.

The Celtics need a bigger performance than Jellie Brown. Elsa / Getty Images / AFPSource: AFP

“Everything is a learning experience,” Brown said, referring to the time when Celtics suffered under-.500.

“We are wearing everything we learned this year as a badge of honor,” Brown said.

“We do not allow it to hang on our heads. We will go back. We have been able to respond well throughout the year.

Defender of the Year Marcus Smart echoes this sentiment.

“We had to play with our backs to the wall,” says Smart.

“Now that we are part of it, our nature is right now. It is nothing new to us. It’s another game. It’s another tough game. ”

He said he would not take a revolutionary plan to stop Smart Curry and Co., but pay attention to the details.

“When we all come out with some greats in this race and in this game, the error margin is very small,” he said.

Pool in Amazing FLOP | 00:32

Curry is inevitable, with the Celtic Warriors warning that the final MVP should be “serious” and wait for Game 6 to burn.

“It was a 3-for-0-9. He’ll be decent when he gets into Game 6. And that’s what we want,” said Draymond Green.

“Of course, the track record says I’ll shoot the ball better in the next game. We look forward to getting that back,” Curry said of Game 6.

Then there is the ‘Game 6 Clay’, although Thompson did not go there on Friday to do everything himself and ignore what was best for the team.

“I want to live in this state. I don’t want to go in there and play heroine,” he said.

“The main goal is to win one game. I just want to go out and play for free [and] Trust my teammates. I know that if I did those two things, they would be great.

While Celtics are currently ranked 18th in the NBA, none of the current players have ever appeared in the final.

However, according to Brown, there is no doubt that they can force Game 7 between the Celtics.

“We have confidence in ourselves,” he said. “We go out and leave everything there. That Is His Purpose ”

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