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They are in a series of action or death battles before the Meron Blues host the Suncorp Stadium.

Read all the latest news and updates on the build up to Origin III.

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Saifiti emotionally calls on NSW | 01:06

Introduces Freddie Paul

Els star Junior Paulo is reportedly set to make a decision on Wednesday.

Cowboys Pro Jordan Jordanlin has been ruled out for three games to replace injured Pain Hassan.

Paolo has started from the bench in the first two games but has confirmed News Corporation Monday night as it begins.

“You take pride in getting the team off to a good start and that’s what I do,” he said.

“I can’t wait to get out there. I know he’ll be an enemy, but that’s why we’re playing the game.”

Palo joins Manly workhorse Jake Trbojevic up front.

NSW Proposals Jack Trbojevich, James Safety and Junior Paul.  Photo: Grant Trouville / NSWRL
NSW Proposals Jack Trbojevich, James Safety and Junior Paul. Photo: Grant Trouville / NSWRLSource approached

The moment that Freddie’s heart broke

Blues coach Brad Fetler said veteran Jordan McLean was disappointed with his first NSW shirt injury.

McLean was ruled out of action due to a hamstring injury sustained during training, which robbed the 30-year-old Blues Cup holder.

Fitler said in a column in The Sydney Morning Herald that he had suffered a concussion.

Fetler told the Sydney Morning Herald:

“I found it very difficult to talk to him after he took him out on Thursday and corrected him on Thursday.

“Looking at him, my heart was broken. I was sitting down to dinner on Thursday night and someone said, “You look tired.”

“I didn’t say anything, but that’s probably why. He was on the verge of joining the NSW side five or six years ago, and then some injuries and a few difficult years at Cowboys did not go right.

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Brad Fitler is deeply saddened by the injury to Jordan McLean.Source Fate-Getty Images

But suddenly his life changed and he had a chance to think he had passed away. Rugby league is sometimes unfair.

However, Fitler believes that McLean’s replacement, Jacob Seifiti, will be in the starting line-up and has made former NSW star and Knights team-mate David Clemer ready for Origen’s strength.

“When one door closes, the other opens,” Fittler wrote.

“I like the Jacob Sword game. It moves fast for a great genius, and I think the offensive game suits us.

“I often followed him through his twin brother. I told Daniel a lot about Jacob.

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Klemmer Souths Sent Down as Knights | 03 ፡ 52

“They are very similar in many ways. You can see that something happened to Jacob after Daniel started. He took his finger and went to a better, safer place.

“A small loan should go to David Clamer. I think Jacob is learning a lot from him, and I think Klemmer was very important in helping Jacob get to this point.

Jacob was part of the team that was extended this week until Jordan was injured, and we will take our selection of players beyond 18 seriously.

A ponga switch that can fill the void of mantra

Phil Rotfield believes Queensland should replace Kalin Pongan with EJ Brimson to fill the void left by Cameron Munster and Cowid.

Tom Dordon will be replaced by Munster in the 17th, but Rotfield Field believes they have missed out on a way to replace their most influential players.

“It’s very difficult because Harry Grant and Ben Hunt made a very effective change 25 minutes later, especially at the big sports breakfast.

“What could I do by dragging Munster? I moved Ago Brimson into the Titans’ fullback by moving Pongan to the fifth-eighth grade.

“That’s because they have to win this game. Not a dead rubber. It’s live.

“And I think that might be a little more adventurous. Ponga played a lot of football in the fifth-eighth.

Phil Rothfield believes Kalin Ponga should have moved to the fifth-eighth.Source Fate-Getty Images

“I think that could give them a player who is close to Cameron Munster.”

However, considering Brimson’s absence, Rotfieldfield believes he could be a direct replacement for Munster, while Taulagi’s failure could strengthen the Marines by three times.

“I think they start at Dordon in the fifth-eighth,” Rotfield said.

“Of course, they found Corey Oyat on the wing. I think that with Oats there, Taulagi could strengthen Queensland’s side.

“Corey Oates had a great year for Brisbane. I think he can handle that big decision decision better than the young Cowboys wing.

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