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New South Wales coach Brad Fitler can make his name in the history of statistics by making an unusual start-up decision at Suncup Stadium.

Since his inception in 1980, Victory has been given the highest percentage of wins by both Blues and Marion coaches.

Fittler’s testimony was questioned a few weeks ago following a shock defeat at the start of the season, but now he has just 80 minutes left to win four consecutive victories in five years.

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That success has only happened once in the history of the Blues, with six consecutive victories – and one draw – in the state’s most successful coach, Half Goal, between 1992 and 1996.

Gould has a record of 58 per cent wins, but the Blues’ lack of self-acceptance when he won a series of games – he has done so three times during his tenure.

F የፊትller’s victory comes next Wednesday night with Queensland coach Mal Meninga and 1980s NSS coaches Ron Willie and Terry Fernley.

Meninga is the original coach of Origen who is widely believed to have won nine consecutive games in 10 years from 2006 to 2015.

Phil Gold, Brad Fitler and Mal Meninga. GettySource Fate-Getty Images

Despite only one attempt in the game this year, Fitler swung his ax and made five changes to his side, making it 44-12 in the second leg.

The Blues have won by only two decision-makers in Brisbane, with Andrew Jones forming a master’s degree in 2005 and playing Fitz in 1994, and Mening’s final game in Queensland.

In both cases, NSW won the series after losing I, as they did under Fittler in 2019 – but that decision was made in Sydney.

The Maroons have won twice as many decision-makers with NSW in their first 42 years and have won 12 of the last 12.

Fittler starred in the popular 1994 film series and will make history with the Rich Stuart in Brisbane as the only person to win a decision-making role in Brisbane.

Rugby League legend Greg Alexander – who has been in Fittler’s coaching staff since he took office in 2018 – was unaware that Fittler was sitting on his lap, but said he was not surprised.

“Freddie is unique but there are similarities between all good coaches. For me, it comes down to personality, ”Alexander told

“Every coach knows what’s important in a football game – coaches know the game on the board – but it’s the way they get their message across.

NSW Blues coaches since 1980.Source Fate-Getty Images

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“It is a matter of honor when they speak. I had good coaches from Tim Shins to Phil Gould, and some good ones, all with the same ability to explain things.

“The players convey their message so that they know what is important in the game and they have the ability to pull the team together.

“So while everyone has a different personality and you can do things a little differently around and around the corner, there are similar traits that go through the best coaches I’ve ever met – and Freddie came in. ”

Fittler fell short in Game 1 and was beaten 16-10 in Sydney, making seven changes to the team.

Criticism was loud and fast, even former Blues bureaucracy Daley commented.

“If you lose a game, will you make seven changes? Seriously. It’s a complete reaction and a complete shock, ”said Phil Rotfield after the announcement of the second team.

“Maybe I didn’t make that much change, but what did I do? I had those two players in Game I,” he replied.

“We don’t want any regrets after Game 3” | 03 ፡ 48

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In the face of all this, Fitler showed a “narrow focus” in Game II.

“You go from victory to defeat and you go from coaching to coaching, you go to a level where you can’t train fast and that’s how it is and that’s how you are judged,” Alexander said.

“There is not much room for error.

“Freddie is there in terms of competition. As a player, he has shown that this is not just a skill for the 31 games for New South Wales.

Not only can you be a good player, but you can’t go through a lot of games because it takes a lot as a player to prepare yourself mentally.

Meaningless Cannonball After ACL Tears | 00:29

“Freddie knows for sure where he came from and I think he was a great leader during his playing career, leading Australia and New South Wales.

“I generally say Freddie is a very relaxed person, but in general this is not the case when it comes to business.”

Between 2007 and 2009, Fitler coached his former club Rosters to a record 43%.

Gold is linked with an open coaching job in the Bulldogs, where he is now general manager – behind the Blues’ success.

Fittler refused to return to the NRL, but stressed that for now, only the decision-maker would focus.

“The beauty of blokes with a few series winners is getting to know each other,” Fittler said later in Game II.

“Teddy (James Tedesco) and Nathan (Clyri) and these kinds of players and over time you build a combination. The more you win, the easier it will be because you get to know each other better.

But we are playing in Suncorp, we have only won once in four years, that is, and we are giving ourselves a chance.

05 ፡ 15 with Bulldog Josh Ado-Carr 15

If NSW wins the crucial, Brad Fitler will have the highest-winning percentage since his inception in 1980.

NSW Coaches

Ron Willie (4/6) 66%

Terry Fernley (2/3) 66%

Brad Fitler (7/11) 64%

Phil Gould (14/24) 58%

Wayne Pierce (5/9) 56%

Ted Glossup (5/9) 55%

Tommy Radonikis (3/6) 50%

Ricky Stuart (4/9) 44%

Lauri Daley (6/15) 40%

Jack Gibson (2/6) 33%

Graham Merey (2/6) 33%

Tim Shins (1/3) 33%

Frank Stanton 2/6 33%

Craig Bellamy (2/9) 22%

John Perd (0/3) 0%

Queensland coaches

Mal Meninga (20/30) 66%

Arthur Batson (11/19) 58%

Wayne Bennett (12/22) 55%

Kevin Walters (6/12) 50%

Graham Lowe (3/6) 50%

Billy Slater (1/2) 50%

Paul Vaultin (4/9) 44%

Wali Lewis (2/6) 33%

Paul Green (1/3) 33%

Des Morris (1/3) 33%

Michael Hagan (2/6) 33%

Mark Mary (1/6) 17%


Mal Meninga (QLD 20/30) 66%

Ron Willie (NSW 4/6) 66%

Terry Fearnley (NSW 2/3) 66%

Brad Fittler (NSW 7/11) 64%

Phil Gould (NSW 14/24) 58%

Arthur Batson (QLD 11/19) 58%

Wayne Pierce (NSW 5/9) 56%

Wayne Bennett (QLD 12/22) 55%

Ted Glossup (NSW 5/9) 55%

Kevin Walters (QLD 6/12) 50%

Tommy Radonikis (NSW 3/6) 50%

Graham Lowe (QLD 3/6) 50%

* Coaches who have controlled at least two series.

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