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The four NSW players did not have a chance to make their debut for the game, and coach Brad Fetler decided to make the changes in “five minutes” after losing the opening series.

That’s what Origen the Great Corey Parker, who was confused by the decision in this series of blues choices.

Fitler has made seven changes to the squad ahead of Sunday’s game in Perth, leaving Reagan Campbell-Gildard, Cotton Stages, Ryan Merson and Tariq Sims in trouble – Jack White has been ruled out of the game with Vvid.

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Fittler called in Matt Burton, Jake Trbojevic, Angus Crichton, Siosifa Talakai, Clint Gutherson, Jordan McLean and Victor Radley.

Els’ Campbell-Guildard starred against the Roosters on Saturday night, but Parker Fetler believes the team was selected ahead of the 15th round.

“RCG was better, he was better, but he (Fitler) decided not to vote for him,” Parker said.

I guess Freddie made up his mind five minutes after the end of a game.

“They can never say they are wrong, but they are wrong – obviously.

Reagan Campbell-Gillard said goodbye to game two. Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

“It simply came to our notice then that in New South Wales, there was talk of a change.

“Freddie Cam changed his uri and junior Paul and started RCG and Liam Martin, so he was determined from the start of the trip.

“(Stephen) Crickton’s bench was another scratch on your head.”

Parker – who has played 19 games for Queensland – has criticized the Blues’ choice of players in the middle of the NRL season.

“Now you have changed all that again.”

“I do not understand how long it will take for them to come with the team they want,” he said.

Burton received the good news from Freddie! | 00:29

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“The team you just selected is centered on Stephen Cristton with Matt Burton.

“For Game Three, Laterell Mitchell is there and Jack Whiteton is back after Vivid.

“It’s bloody. I struggle to keep my head around their thoughts. ”

Parker has ruled out a move for injured Roster striker Victor Radley, who has not played for more than a month.

“This is a perfect G-top,” Parker said.

“He has not played since the 10th round. They have to complete the 22-man squad to take over and Victor Radley has no chance of playing.

“If five players go down with Vivik, Victor Radley will still not play. Someone will fly out of Sydney to play and fill.

He does not play and pays more attention to the team.

Walsh FUMES by Panthers Coach | 00:31

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“You throw his teammate Jarom Lui and Nathan Kryrin on both sides with Isaac Jehu, he’s a killer.

“No one has approached them in the last two or three seasons. So you put that in the back and it was taken to Queensland.

“I think you missed the first game.”

Parker Queensland says Sterter is unlikely to make many changes if he loses the key in one attempt.

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