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Brandon Smith sin binned, Melbourne Storm, video, Cronulla Sharks

Hurricane star Brandon Smith was caught red-handed in a 28-6 defeat to the referee on Thursday – and had something to say to sharks fans in the cave.

Smith ran to play the ball and hit a few words in the direction of Judge Adam Gi.

Gee gave the prostitute a trip and when he got out of the cave he informed the shark fans what they were thinking.

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Munster Shoulder Well Tracking for SOO | 05:09

As Smith entered the tunnel, he turned to a fan and asked, “What do you mean, breast?”

Coach Craig Bellamy seemed to be stunned to see his big-name players leave the pitch as the team dropped 20 points.

Fox Brand analyst Warren Smith said: “Brandon Smith has sent to Sin Bean.

Some oppose the judge and it is not clear for the first time tonight.

“An example of where the Melbourne hurricane is located,” added Brett Anastas.

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“Craig Bellamy will be dirty at this point, he will not be happy in any way … First of all, in their performance – Brandon Smith has taken the best.

“10 In the trash, he’s waving to the crowd and now he’s arguing with the fans, so grab him, put him in the shade and keep him away from everyone.”

Brandon Smith’s humorous imprisonment at Cronula’s home was not lost on Warren Smith, who was quick to remind spectators when former storm driver and prostitute Cameron Smith returned to the same stadium for the first time in his career. 2018

“Cameron Smith’s sin and the reception Cameron received that night were not the same, but he was as aggressive as you would expect for Brandon Smith,” he said.

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