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Brett Ratten re-signs with St Kilda Saints, new deal, coach, extension, announcement, latest

Following the Saints’ return to the finals this year, Brett Rat will be coaching at least two more St. Kilda coaches.

After Alan Richardson’s short-term replacement in 2019, St. Kilda announced Rathan’s new deal on Friday morning.

The teams have won 90 of their 175 games and played in four finals.

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The former champion Carlton, who coached the Blues and the Blues for five-and-a-half seasons, was seen as under intense pressure to keep his job at the start of the year.

According to Saints President Andrew Bassat, Ratton, who began his career as a senior assistant in St. Kilda, has proved to be the “best man” to move the club forward.

In 2022, Brett Raton helped the Saints return to the right path. Illustrated Getty ImagesSource Fate-Getty Images

“As the leader of our men’s program, Brett has made significant purchases from other coaches, staff and players,” Bassat said.

“In addition to a strong football IQ, our players appreciate the ability to develop strong relationships, which will be used as a basis for making each individual better and fulfilling their role for the team.

“This balance, and the unwavering quest for coaching, players and staff, will make Brett the best man we can ever lead to.”

The 50-year-old Rat was widely praised not only for reaching the final stage of the Covenant-breaking campaign in St. Kilda’s 2020 season, but also for the second week in a row by defeating the Bulldogs.

However, the Saints returned to 10th place after losing to Collingwood, who finished 17th last year, and lost in the first round before Craig Macre’s new coach.

Brett Ratton has developed strong relationships with players and staff in St. Kilda. Picture: Michael KleinSource: News News Corp Australia

What looked like a bad result at the time did not look like this now.

St. Kilda has a better percentage than Collingwood but with a small win and eight out of eight.

The change process is reminiscent of some open club-wide meetings that began a series of changes in the middle of last season.

“We’ve seen Brett adapt and grow since he took over as head coach before the 2020 season,” Bassat said.

It has not been easy to re-enter the coaching staff due to a two-year CV interruption, mid-life and the absence of players and staff due to injury and illness.

Brett Raton hopes to become St. Kilda’s second flag coach. Picture: Michael KleinSource: News News Corp Australia

However, the focus is not only on our players, but also on his teammates and his continuous improvement.

“We have to be relentless and we have to accept it every day as an opportunity to improve.

“The true faith and deep understanding of where we all want this club to go is evident in every decision he makes and even in the way he brings others with him.

“Brett and his family capture the spirit of the Saints, and I’m proud to have him lead us forward.”

Raton He coached Melwood, Carlton and Houghton, where he coached the Hawks Flag in 2006.

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