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Brisbane Lions def Richmond Tigers, goal, score review on Tom Lynch goal, controversy, angle, behind, Joe Daniher, ARC

Brisbane pulled off a last-minute miracle to knock Richmond out of the finals in 2022, with a two-point win at the Gabba on Thursday night.

But the victory was not without controversy before key man Joe Daniher scored the match-winner, with Tiger Tom Lynch denying his own match-winning goal in the points review.

Lynch took a marker on the goal line and returned it to the corner to extend Richmond’s lead to nine points with less than two minutes remaining.

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His moment was called a goal by the referee before the score was called.

Under AFL rules, there must be a valid justification to overturn a goal referee’s call – and that’s what the ARC system decided was on the lynchpin.

“I don’t know if they have lasers that go over the goal post,” Lee Montagna said on Fox Footy.

How can you tell for sure that it went over the goal post from the camera angles we’re looking at?

“How you say that’s a divorce is beyond me,” Fox Footy’s Jason Dunstall said.

There was no obvious angle showing a clear miss, one of the angles not even having a leg.

Dunstall questioned whether Lynch’s reaction or his teammates convinced him the performance review wasn’t the goal.

“When we saw the reaction when Tom Lynch got hit, there was no celebration. He thinks nostalgically. “None of the Tigers players are celebrating,” Dunstall said.

“In my eyes, this is a big part of telling me.

“If I’m reviewing it and I say, ‘Look at the reaction from the Richmond players!’

“On the face of it I thought he missed – but the referees have a different view of us.

“No punch, no pump, nothing. None of the players ran. That’s not the only goal scored.

“Don’t you think the players will respect the Richmond players given the nature of the game?”

Montagna said he wasn’t sure the call behind him was accurate.

“We’re looking at a lower angle,” he said.

“We don’t know if the right decision was made. Tom Lynch wasn’t sure if it was a goal.

David King added: “I’m glad we brought all these things so we don’t make mistakes in the finals because guess what, we’re making mistakes in the finals.”

The score review determined that there was evidence that “the ball would have crossed the line above the goal post”, confirming that it was called behind.

“You can’t rule it out unless you’re certain,” analyst Hamish McLachlan said.

Brian Taylor added: “That’s so high on the goal post.

“Unless there’s a certain angle and I don’t think they have the right angle on this.”

Matthew Richardson said the most “determined” angle was Lynch’s response to the hit.

“This is a huge reversal. The referee called a goal.

On the ensuing field goal attempt, the Lions went down the field and with just 60 seconds left, Daniher scored the winner.

The Tigers had five on the field but were unable to capitalize as the Lions took the lead and cruised to a thrilling two-point win.

Daniher’s goal was just the tip of a scare in the closing minutes as Richmond’s Liam Baker scored a 50-point effort to give the Tigers a lead of just three points.

Lynch’s moment broke Tiger hearts across the country, but Fox Footy’s John Ralph believes the decision will be “defined by the AFL” on Saturday.

“I’m not sure anyone really knows they made the right decision, and that’s the downfall of that system,” Ralph said.

“The evidence has to be irrefutable, it has to be overwhelming for that to be overturned, because as we know, the referee calls the goal first.

Here’s a freeze frame that suggests the ball is over the post, but it’s not directly behind the ball line, so we’re asking this system for something it can’t always do.

“It’s not a 360-degree system there.

“We know the AFL will mark that tomorrow morning.”

The two-point defeat spells the end of Richmond’s 2022 season, while Shane Edwards is ruled out.

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