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Just a week ago, Camille Rayner was labeled a “huge difference” who could single-handedly win the finals in Brisbane.

But the young lion may not make the finals this season as he faces a scare after being reported for his outrageous behaviour.

Rayner took the brutal step of having Damon Ben Brown’s head buried in the Gabba turf on Friday night.

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Reiner spins in a 360 before pinning both of Braun’s arms and sending him to the ground, the demon’s head hitting the hard slab in the middle of the ground.

The moment sparked a major conflict as the tension could be broken.

Brown was bloodied, bruised and bruised when he came off the field, but luckily he was able to play the game.

Demon Ben Brown was injured as Lions Cam Rayner and Alex Neil-Bullen struggled. Picture: Russell FreemanSource: Getty Images

Fox Footy’s Ben Dixon said there is no doubt Reiner will be out for the weekend.

“He’s getting banned. No Reiner in one of the finals,” he said on Fox Footy.

“Either way you can look at that…the hands are pinned, you know as a player when the hands are pinned, the player is vulnerable. When you face the plant and there is so much rind on your melon, there is claret everywhere, that is not a great sign.

Gerard Healy agreed that Rayner was “in trouble”.

Rainer reported after Ben was left bleeding | 00:44

“I don’t think he beat him, I think he just tried to lead him, but he’s a very strong man,” he said.

Attendee Cami Mooney tried to defend Reiner’s actions but admitted the lion should be prepared for “stuff” punishment.

“Was that really just speed? Didn’t beat him?” he said.

“It’s really hard when you have him pin[the hands]on and then pull them off and put them on again just to let the hand go. He’s probably on to something, but I think he’s a little stubborn.

Fox Footy’s John Ralph said Machow’s review may take a dim view of the incident.

“Cam Rayner was not a villain, he was not a thug, and he was not a villain, but unfortunately for him in terms of a dangerous solution, those MRO guidelines are very strict and that’s why I think it’s very likely that he will miss it very much. What can happen after the game,” he said.

‘Embarrassed to be a Lions fan’ | 01:13

“The only question the MRO is now asking is, did Ben Brown use excessive force to drive him into the ground? And I think the answer is yes.”

“Brisbane tells him he didn’t drive him to the ground, he fell on him.

But I think Michael Christian will judge him, after loading both of Ben Brown’s arms, he had a duty of care after a 360 degree spin. He can see the result there (in front of Brown).

“Brisbane will be disappointed (if Rayner is suspended).

“I think it could be a week – moderate effect.”

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