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Bulldogs vs Tigers, live stream, updates, SuperCoach scores, video, Matt Burton, Luke Brooks

The clash between the Bulldogs and the Tigers began with horrific scenes when Alex Tuwal hit his head and was treated.

Tuwal ran to put pressure on playwright Matt Burton and then knocked his head off the ground.

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Match preview

The Bulldogs will have their first comeback win over the Tigers at the CommBank Stadium on Sunday since 2019.

The Tigers, meanwhile, will welcome back Adam Duihin as their first game of the season after being injured by ACL.

The dogs are on a winning streak with 34 points against their Premier League rivals, and the Tigers have 30 points in Mali last week.

Interim coach Mick Potter made just one minor change in 17 wins. Chris Patolo went off the field with a head injury last week, which opened the door for youngster Kurtis Morrin to make his NRL debut on the bench.

In the case of the Tigers, Brent Naden replaced Asu Kepaoan at the center after a four-game ban.

Luciano Leiluwa is not part of the Tigers after being released immediately a week after joining the Cowboys. Kelma Tuilagai moves to the front to replace him.

Jok Madden missed a place in the 17th, earning the versatility of Nu Brown.

Both coaches were later transferred to the front pack. Raymond Fitala-Mariner returns to the Bulldogs’ bench and joins Cory Wadeel on the run and Alex Tawal moves on to James Tamu’s proposal.


Bulldogs 1. Jack Averillo 2. Jacob Kiraz 3. Aaron Shop 4. Cory Allen 5. Josh Ado-Car 6. Matt Burton 7. Kyle Flanagan 8. Max King 9. Jeremy Marshall-King 10. Paul Von 11. Josh Jackson 15 years old . Cory Wadeel 13. Tevita Pangai Jr. 12. Raymond Fitala-Mariner 14. Zack Docker-Clay 16. Joe Stemson 17. Curtis Morein

Tigers: 1. Daine Lauri 2. David Nofoaluma 3. Starford Toa 4. Asu Kepaoa 5. Ken Mamalo 6. Luke Brooks 7. Jackson Hastings 15. Alex Tawal 9. James Lidel 10. Zane Mugrov 11. Luke Garner 12. From Lema Tulagi 13 Joe Ofahengega 8. James Tamu 14. Faamanu Brown 16. Adam Doehi 17. Alex Seifars

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