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Callum Peters vs Sam Hickey final, Aussie robbed

Australia’s rising star Callum Peters has been robbed of gold after another sensational refereeing at the Commonwealth Games.

The Aussies looked nothing short of class in their first senior competition, with Scotland’s Sam Hickey awarded a narrow points win after the judges’ results were announced.

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The rollercoaster middleweight final was arguably the best fight of all time.

However, it was overshadowed by a controversial finish that ended in a 29-28 x3, 28-29 x2, split decision.

The most shocking of all was when Judge No. 5 Mazlan Amzah decided to award Hickey the final round when all the judges gave it to Peters.

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Peters dominated the final round, repeatedly landing clean shots in the closing minutes. That confusing decision ultimately decided the fight to award Hickey the final round.

Callum Peters scores a clean kick. Photo by Eddie Keogh/Getty Images.Source: Getty Images
Scotland’s Sam Hickey celebrates his victory. Photo by Eddie Keogh/Getty Images.Source: Getty Images

Peters had to be covered in silver.

Australian sports commentators couldn’t believe their eyes.

Sportswriter Phil Luton tweeted that Peters was “robbed.”

“This doesn’t feel right to me,” he posted.

“Calum Peters got the last round on four of the five cards but it wasn’t enough.”

He also posted: “Fair play to Sam Hickey, very tough Scot, but Callum Peters struck gold there. The difference in the final was one point, in that final round Peters had the absolute upper hand and one of the five judges gave it to Hickey. Box delivers again.

Hickey in 2011. He celebrated Scotland’s first boxing gold medal since 2014.

BBC journalist Thomas Duncan said the fight could have gone either way.

“There was a hug of respect in the ring between Sam Hickey and Callum Peters. What a fight it was, and it could have gone either way,” he said.

But Scotland’s Hickey is the Commonwealth champion. He puts his hands on his face, he can’t believe it. The people will go wild.”

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