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Cameron Ciraldo future, contract, Penrith Panthers, Wests Tigers offer, Kristian Woolf, Bulldogs

The decision was reportedly “recently” reported by coach Cameron Cialdo – and News Corporation Journalist Dave Ricciio believes he will stay at the Panthers.

Cialdo is the brightest and most up-to-date coach in the NRL and has attracted the interest of the Tigers and Bulldogs after both clubs fired their coaches.

The Tigers reportedly applied for a five-year deal with the Cyrillo, which gave them a deadline this weekend.

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However, Rousseau told NLL 360 that Tiger Football boss Tim Shins has reached an agreement with Cialdo to ease the pressure.

But in any case, Ricardo will have to make a decision soon and sit at the foot of the mountains until a more suitable club is formed.

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“Tim Shins met with Cameron Cialdo and explained, ‘We will not put any pressure on Cameron to make a decision.’

“I think a decision will be made. I think the parliamentary round will give Cameron a chance to sit down and watch. The last ones.

Cameron’s decision is Ivan Clyri’s health.

I feel like it lasts and I don’t think it should be long.

“If he wants to, he can stay with the Panthers for up to 12 months because I have a strong belief that a lot of work will come.”

The Bulldogs are said to be interested in Cialdon, but Richio reports that the club have turned their attention to St. Helen coach Christian Wolf.

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That’s because the tigers don’t want to match the five-year supply.

“(Bulldogs Football GM) Gus (Gold) has spoken to Christian Wolf or there is an opinion in the process so it is clear that the dogs are looking at other options,” Riccio said.

“I also heard they refused to go to that five-year term because they did not want to invest in that long-time coach.”

Paul Kent, a news corporation journalist, added: “I do not agree with that. I think that is a wise administration.

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Like Ricciio, Kent Siraldo expects to stay at the Panthers for at least a year.

“I think the smartest game in Sierra Leone will be with Pennyz for another 12 months and waiting for him to come to work next year – and that will happen,” he said.

“And next year’s one is an advantage. It hurts a lot to say that, but the NRL’s two basketball issues are the Bulldogs and the Tigers and they will both be in their first year under the new coach, so they won. Being one of them.”

“It will be a high club on the ladder and it is in a better position now.”

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