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Canberra Raiders, Corey Harawira-Naera, no try, hat-trick, Warriors, bunker, Chris Sutton, Kasey Badger, knock on

Raiders forward Corey Harawira-Naera was controversially denied the first hat trick of his NRL career.

Canberra scored two goals in the final 15 minutes to win 26-14 and Harawara-Naira sealed the gap with the Warriors on Saturday afternoon.

The Kiwi international had two tries in three minutes, but Bunker said he knocked him down from distance and had a third disallowed in the dying stages.

Bunker official Casey Badger watched just one replay before ruling that Harawira-Naira was not in sufficient control.

But Fox League analysts Warren Smith and Steve Roach believe the official jumped the gun with her decision.

Jack Wighton failed to negotiate with Harawira-Naira Warriors fullback Rhys Walsh.

“Haravi-Naera has a play, knock him out. He never scored a hat-trick and he came so close to getting the first one,” Smith said.

“Hat is a trick? I think he might be a little stressed out there,” Roach replied.

Corey Harawira-Neira denied the hat-trick.Source: FOX SPORTS

Referee Chris Sutton called for no tries and Badger confirmed knocks from Walsh and Harawira-Naira.

“He came to Harawira-Neira and his eyes must have been like dinner plates. Oh wait, wait,” said Smith, tracking the replay to show he had covered enough ground.

But Badger quickly bought in and interjected Smith: “Haravi-Naira’s in the goal, we’ve got a decision.”

“I want to see that front angle because it looks like the first touch came off the knee,” Smith said. Smith replied.

“I want to see that one more time. Show us again. (was) very close. If he had sold it, it might have been a different reaction from the referee and then the keeper.

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