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Canterbury’s Matt Burton in shock after State of Origin call-up for NSW Blues vs QLD Maroons

He spent his childhood dressing for Original Day, now Matt Burton can really do it.

During this time, Burton always dreamed of blues coach Brad Fetler after leading West Battalion Canterbury back and forth.

“I could not believe it. Wearing that shirt has always been my dream. I’m being pushed so hard that I’re able to do that, ”Burton said.

“There (obviously going into the game), I was getting a lot of messages and obviously I had a little idea and (I said), ‘You don’t know what’s going on here. I Have Not Heard Anything ”

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“I was shocked when Freddy told me after the game that I still couldn’t believe it. i can’t wait.”

A.D. It is an impressive development for 22-year-old Dubo, who made his debut in 2019.

“I remember he was in a dungeon, I loved him, I dressed for him, I watched, I waited for him to come. The thugs were watching him and they were seeing that,” he said.

The Bulldogs star will join seven of his former team-mates Pennies as part of his side’s bid for the South Sydney Premier League last year.

Burton then moved to Belmore in the summer.

“Obviously there are a lot of Panther players out there and we have merged before last year and we have things like that so they really want to go in there and see them,” he said.

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Josh Addo-Carr and Matt Burton both play in Game II for NSW. Image: Matt King / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Burton’s ball game is a characteristic of the Canterbury team that won backwards for the first time in three years.

His left foot will be the point of difference for the Blues in Perth.

“I like to put pressure on men. If that is the case, he says, ‘I’re happy to do anything for the team.

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Burton’s choice confirms his decision to stay at Pennice last year, following his transfer to Canterbury in the pre-season.

“My decision to come to the club has never changed,” he said.

“I’m so grateful we played for Pennies and won a great final. Come here tonight to get the job done and get an invitation to Origen. It’s very special.”

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