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Captain James Cook scrapped from trophy, Australia vs England Test

The Wolves will reportedly not compete for the Cook Cup when they face England in the Testa Rugby.

From the beginning of the Rugby Union career in the 18th century, Australia and England have been battling Australia for 25 years.

But as he first reported Sydney Morning HeraldCook Cup to be replaced by Ella-Moose Troffy in three consecutive attempts this summer in Australia.

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The new trophy is named after Mark Ella, a native of Australia who represented England in seven trials before he was shot dead in France in 1917 and is considered one of Australia’s greatest flies.

Rugby Australia and RFU have agreed to the deal, which will be announced before the first test at Perth Stadium in July.

“Australia and England first played in a test match in London in 1909,” an RFU spokesman said. Times.

“With such a rich history, Rugby Australia and the Rugby Union Cup decided that the proud rugby history of both countries should be better represented.”

Wal-Mart Ben Deli with the Cook Cup in 2010. Photo by Mark Nolan / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Cook has been splitting up in recent years – a January statue of a British sailor in Melbourne, Australia, was destroyed.

Former Walebi Glen Ella, Mark’s twin brother, believed that the change of name was a sign of respect for the people of the former world powers.

“Most natives don’t want that (cook’s name) on the trophy,” he said. Sydney Morning Herald.

“I have no problem, I’m not worried personally. But I understand why Aboriginal people did that, yes, they did.

“There is still a lot of anger among the elders, so they are doing the right thing and trying to change their name in relation to rugby and not hold on to those meanings.

I think there is much you can do to persuade Aboriginal children to play rugby.

“I say this all the time, look at the other codes, the AFL and the NRL and you will see how wonderful players we have played in those codes. We have one pair in NSW and ACT but only a handful of players. There is more work to be done there.

Speaking 4 BCRugby journalist Georgina Robinson has confirmed that there are some “difficult situations” with Cook’s name on the trophy.

“You can’t destroy history,” she said. “It is a blockbuster with a map of Australia’s east coast. His contribution will never be lost.

But Rugby Australia thinks there is a better way to celebrate the history of rugby between Australia and England.

“I think it’s good to be up-to-date… but there were a lot of bad and negative downsides to his coming.”

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard with the Cook Cup. Photo: David Kapernick.Source: Fresh News Limited

But the ad has met with opposition from some commentators, with Sky News presenter Chris Kenny calling the move a “manifestation of the culture of cancellation.”

“Are we trying to write Captain James Cook out of our story?” Kenny asked.

“Indeed, we have seen his statue destroyed.

“Tradition is tradition because it sticks.

“You don’t have to give up traditional dignity to suit modern zealots.”

The first test between Australia and the UK will take place on Saturday, July 2 at Perth Stadium, with the opening program at 7.55pm AEST.

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