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Carlton Blues loss to Adelaide Crows, David King says one of the most arrogant performances in a long time

Two-time premiership player David King has slammed Carlton for not giving Adelaide enough credit, labeling Saturday night’s performance against the Crows “the most arrogant he’s seen in a long, long time”.

The Blues had the chance to secure a finals berth with a win at Adelaide Oval, but instead a 29-point loss to the hungry Crows left them without a home win after six tries.

Adelaide outplayed Carlton throughout the tournament, scoring a significant difference in the 50s.

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Speaking on Fox Football First crack King said on Sunday night that the Blues had taken Adelaide far too lightly.

“Adelaide was brilliant and brought an effort that Carlton couldn’t match, but let’s call it what it is: Adelaide exposed Carlton,” King said. First crack.

“They (the Blues) are not available. It was the most arrogant act I have seen in a long time.

Crows stun Blues at Adelaide Oval | 01:31

“They go out there thinking they’re just going to get through this game, they’re the Adelaide Crows, they look at the ladder.

“They (the Crows) got into them, broke tackles everywhere and were able to move the ball at will.”

King said he was particularly impressed with how smoothly and effortlessly the Ravens were able to move the ball.

The Fox Footy pundit pointed to a number of passages of play which highlighted Carlton’s ineffective defending, including a “terrible” tackling effort from star midfielder Sam Walsh, Taylor Walker’s tackle on skipper Patrick Cripps and Matt Cottrell’s missed technique. As King said, “Fight with your nails”.

“A lot of players ran past the guy with the ball, it was scary,” he said.

“Not only were the tackles broken, I was shocked they didn’t even wear gloves.”

After the loss to the Adelaide Crows, Carlton went off the ground. Picture: Mark BreckSource: Getty Images

King then highlighted the vision of Carlton defender Nick Newman not getting close to Crow Ben Keyes, who pushed hard to the top of the goal area to receive the ball and score from point-blank range.

“What is he doing here? Why would you let someone go free in the goal square? I just can’t rationalize that. I don’t understand what they’re doing with this,” King said.

“It was the most arrogant performance I’ve seen from Carlton all year and they will pay the price. They fell down the table and said goodbye to the top four in the open year.

King added: “It’s a tough week ahead of them. If you’re a Carlton player, that’s a pretty sad review.

Two-time All-Australian Leigh Montagna coach Michael Voss said he could face some heat for his performance.

Carlton Press Release | 07:57

“They are vulnerable and Michael Voss and the coaching staff need to look at themselves,” Montagna told First Crack.

“Ross Lyon has always been one with us (at St Kilda). When we played teams that were supposed to win, he was sharper and on the edge, because he knew that if you were a little bit careless, you could end up like that. He was always more calm when we played against good teams because he knew we were mentally prepared.

“So whether Vosi and the coaches can do more… but it’s up to the players. They took that a little too lightly and punched him in the mouth.

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