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Carlton’s 2022 season came to an acrimonious end on Sunday, with Collingwood kicking the last five goals of the game to steal a one-point win at the MCG.

The Blues have been in the top eight all year but Sunday’s defeat means they slip just 0.6 per cent behind the Western Bulldogs and are out of the finals.

“It happens very rarely,” said Leigh Montagna of Fox Footy.

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“Let’s blow it.

“Today they lost the unsellable.

“They still had 20 from 50 to 11 so you’ve already scored four goals and then you lose!”

Carlton took a 25-point lead with about 5 minutes left in the game.

They can only manage 0.6 for the quarter because many mistakes will cost them the four points they need to advance to September.

Leigh Montagna has highlighted six ways in which the game was broken up by the Blues last season.

3.58 Charlie Curnow misses

Score: Carlton 10.8 (68) to Collingwood 6.9 (45).

Curnow took possession early in the fourth quarter and could have shut down the Magpies’ comeback. But instead of taking his time on a slight angle from 30m out, Curno opted to play faster.

Even his teammate Harry McKay had no idea what was going on when he tried to shepherd in a mark. Curnow’s quick snap gifted Collingwood possession.

“Take 30 seconds to reverse the curnow,” says Montagna.

Carlton are leading as Paes fly high 04:40

4.51 Lochie O’Brien sets sail

Score: Carlton 10.10 (70) to Collingwood 7.9 (51).

Looking at the 50 at the start of the fourth term, O’Brien assessed his options. But he missed a short pass to his team-mate and instead opted for a long bomb into the square where Jesse Motlop was outnumbered two-on-one. The Magpies defenders cleared the ball easily.

“He had a short one!” Montagna said.

18.31 Charlie Curno ignores his teammate.

Score: Carlton 10.13 (73) to Collingwood 8.9 (57).

Charlie Curnow didn’t have the best last quarter. With less than seven minutes remaining and the Blues still leading by 16 points, Curnow lost an open teammate inside 50.

He missed short balls or handballs instead opting for a quick tip.

“Carlton could still have iced the game,” said Montagna, after Curnow gave the Blues a 22-point lead.

23.20 Sam Docherty blasts wide

Score: Carlton 10.14 (74) to Collingwood 10.9 (69).

Docherty has been one of the feel-good stories of the season, but he had a moment he wanted back when he put his kick inside 50 as he tried to find Harry McCain at full.

“Even Docherty, when they’re up by five points, it’s a complete eviction,” Montagna said.

Collingwood Magpies press release | 10:21

25.48 Curnow to compete and Collingwood scores

Score: Carlton 10.14 (74) to Collingwood 10.9 (69).

Charlie Curno found the ball 10m outside the forward and the Blues were five points up. Looking inside 50, there were seven Collingwood players to two Blues. As he caught the game, he had Corey Durdin return as the short option at the 50 as he waited for the Cavaliers to arrive.

If he chose to go back, he had Adam open the door.

When the referee called the game, Curno quickly ran the ball forward to Jeremy Howe and kicked it into the contest 20 yards from goal.

“Charlie Curnow is the leader. Kick it to Durdin with two minutes left on the clock. Montagna take time off the ball.

Collingwood wins the ball at ground level and goes straight down the lane.

Young Ash Johnson took the mark in the center square and went wide to find Jack Ginnivan and Jamie Elliott in a two-on-one against Blue Adam Sadd.

Elliott collected and brilliantly snatched it from the pocket to give Collingwood a one-point lead with less than two minutes to go.

Carlton Press Release | 12:21

Fox Footy’s David King was critical of the play from the Blues’ back line, particularly leading man Jacob Waitring, as Curnow reviewed his options.

“Why isn’t there more support?” He said on First Crack.

“There’s no way in the world that he should have been so lopsided behind the ball.

“They had to get one more, two more, three more. Kicking: Should have been saying ‘I’ll stay back, you got my man’. Pull the wingman back. You gave up something in the middle of the set because you didn’t need to score.

“It’s about not putting your head in the game when you’re a senior core player.

“If he gets this right, they’ll be playing in the finals.

“They had time to set up, they had time to organize.

That’s the leadership gap there.

Montagna said good final teams would have covered that scoring game.

“Your fullback should be like a soccer goalie,” he said.

“What do you think Steven May will do in Melbourne?

“Geelong does this. We’ve seen (Collingwood’s Scott) Pendlebury, (Steele) Sidebottom do it all year.

EPIC – Blues Heartbreaker! Pies point late | 00:38

27.47 Corey Durdin misses the short option.

Score: Carlton 10.14 (74) to Collingwood 11.9 (75).

Corey Durdin kicked the ball outside the 50 with 1.07 left in the game and his side down by one point.

Team-mate Harry McKay had a short opener but opted for a chip shot instead, blasting a boundary that Collingwood defender Jeremy Howe held on to with ease.

“He stepped into no man’s land,” says Montagna.

“They had more than enough chances.

“This will hurt them for a long time.”

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