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At the Marvel Stadium, two St. Kilda players were “massacred” in a bloodbath at the end of a victory over Carlton.

Hunter Clark and Dan Butler clashed as they tried to tackle their last 15-point victory.

Clark was strangled and stretched out on the field, suffering from a slightly broken nose.

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“The necklace is on and the ideas are with him,” said analyst Hamish McLaughlin.

Daisy Pierce added: “This man had no chance.

But good signs for both players, both players participated in the group song.

Fox Foot John John Ralph said:

“He was in the song. His nose looked like it was painted on one side of his face.

“It looks like it could be worse.”

It has been only a year since Clark Crowd suffered a concussion while David McKay escaped unhurt.

Clark suffered three fractures in his jaw, nerve damage and tooth damage and missed eight weeks of his leg.

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Butler ended his game by using a towel to stop the bleeding on his forehead.

“(Rukman Rowan) Marshall is now in his classroom with another document. Butler is currently sitting here alone, ”said commentator Matthew Richardson from the sidelines.

“I don’t even have a doctor right now. It’s just a massacre.

“There are two doctors and both are clearly in custody at this time.”

Luckily, Clark was quickly taken off the field in a Medi taxi and was able to assess Butler.

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Coach Brett Raton hunter has confirmed that he will be taken to hospital after the game for further treatment.

“The Savior’s nose was broken, like a fracture. It’s very ugly, ”he said in a statement.

“He had a bad run. He put his head in the wrong places and cleaned up.

“It doesn’t happen often (in the game)… but he is brave, strong.

“He was trying to do the right thing for the team, which is the first and foremost.

“He has to take some X-rays and things and fix what is next for him.

“Because the nose upgrade or something else isn’t very good shape.”

Already, star defender Dougel Howard fell to the ground in seconds, and as the Marshall passed the shock test, the Saints had a competent man on the bench for a few minutes.

“You go in and you see Dougel Howard… Marshall and Hunter Clark, Butler is wearing a bandage on his head, it’s a great show,” said Fox Football’s Nick Rieweldt.

After the game, St. Jack Sinclair spoke of his admiration for Clark’s heroism.

“He didn’t look very good, Hansy,” he told Fox Foot.

“He’s putting his head on the pedestal and he’s getting a few big balls.

“What can you do? That’s the leg. We hope it feels good and we’ll get it back soon.”

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