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Carlton loss to St Kilda, Michael Voss press conference, stats, clearance numbers, contested possessions

Carlton coach Michael Voss has downplayed the risk of side-by-side relegation, saying he will maintain his dominance at the center on a weekly basis.

The Blues lost 15 points at St. Kilda’s Marvel Stadium on Friday night and have now lost three of their last four weeks. Season.

Much of Carlton’s success has come from behind the spectacular clearing and debatable work, but his side is gradually adding other ropes to the bow, including scoring half a point behind him.

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Illustration: Knocking on the Bad Head of the Saints | 00:34

The Blues won the controversial title count on Friday night, with the Saints winning 36-31.

Speaking after the game, Vos said the idea that the Blues should control the countdown to win games does not reflect the progress of the season.

“I think the part you want to do is make sure you have an equal fight there. Always uphold arrogance, ”he said.

“We cannot be a one-size-fits-all group that relies solely on giving up our territory. There are other game modes.

I think we grew up as a team and we found another way to score goals.

Voss has made great strides at the start of the season, but said he has “added layers to our game plan.”

“We have been able to grow in another way and gain territory in another way.

We need that a little more tonight but the midfield started working in the second half and we were even able to get the record around that but that’s what we’re waiting for.

It is generally unrealistic to think that we will always have the upper hand.

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