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It was the night of the Giants Stadium injury, following a graphic injury to the Gold Coast on Sunday.

Plus West Coast defender Jeremy McGover has been taken to hospital with a hamstring injury.

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Gold Coast Young gun Will Paul He suffered a concussion and was forced to lift his leg.

In the middle of the third quarter, Pavel was taken down in a dispute near the border.

His leg was completely misaligned. Paul was immediately taken ill. He wanted a green stick for pain relief.

The imagery of the damage was shown only once on TV and the game finally came to a standstill so the Medi-cart could take Paul off the ground.

“Absolutely not! That’s awful,” Dwayne Russell said at Fox Foot.

Hawthorn champion Dermot Breton stated: “This is a knee injury and he has a sprained ankle.

“This is a terrible injury.”

at the same time Conor Buduric Injuries forced him out of the game.

Will Paul is out after a traumatic leg injury.Source: FOX SPORTS

On Saturday, there was a massacre at the Giants Stadium Western Bulldogs And GWS giant With multiple injuries.

Cody Whiteman, He scored five goals in the first half and pulled out his elbow after landing heavily on the joints in the third quarter.

The impressive striker then returned to the field with his elbows on, and dog trainer Luke Beverge hoped the defeat would not be so severe.

“It was a terrible injury. He came back because he was brave. It’s very swollen, ”Beverge told reporters.

“We hope it calms down quickly. Our boys scanned it and saw what happened. It was imaging.

“He fought a good fight in the second half, and he kicked his feet at us. He played a big role in winning the game.

He came later Taylor Duryea He will miss the start of the tournament after suffering a knee injury.

Although Beverly had previously stated that the forecast was for MCL’s failure, Duryea feared that he might suffer a concussion.

“The report from our medical staff has hurt his MCL. How much will they confirm after the scan,” Beverge said.

“I still think it hurts a lot. It’s not just the stress of first grade … it really hurts. I think it will come out for a while.

Giants ruckman in the same game Braydon Preuss He has been sidelined for the first quarter with an ankle injury and will continue to run after a major injury. Matt Flynn Quad is a late departure.

And two more giants could not see the game James Petling (Hamstric strictness) and first Ryan Angwin (Ankle).

Jens’ caretaker coach Mark Macvey says Priscilla will not be ready for next week’s clash with Collingwood.

“This is a big blow for him because he was sick before the half-time break and fought back, he was able to play good football in the VFL and it is very disappointing to be there,” Macwell said.

“We do not know where he will end up, but you should consider whether he is in doubt. He is sad because he wants to return to the football club that has so much faith in him and he is doing everything right.

“As a footballer these things happen but you have to find a way to get past them and we will support him and he will be fine. We hope it will be on a small loan.

West Coast Defensive Jeremy McGuver. He was admitted to Royal Perth Hospital after suffering a “serious illness” at the Opus Stadium in a serious clash with Geolong Jeremy Cameron.

McGover was taken to hospital before the end of the game, and tests showed he had broken ribs during the match.

“McGuver is receiving better care and is in a stable condition,” the club said in a statement.

In the second half, before being helped off the ground, the coaches rushed to McGovern’s aid as he struggled to get to his feet.

“It looks so good on the ribs. You go to the hospital, they may be broken. Broken, broken, there is not much difference to tell the truth, ”coach Adam Simpson said after the game.

“They are bloody wounds.”

Although McGover was taken to hospital, Simpson still hopes the star will face Esendon in six days.

“He knocked a lot, he was brave. He always hurts, Simpson said.

“It hurts so much to be left out.

“A lot of guys play with broken ribs and ribs. He has done it many times before. But that seemed too bad.”

Jeremy McGuver struggled to get to his feet. Photo: Daniel CarsonSource: Getty Images

ESSENDON‘S. Andy Magraz After scanning to determine the extent of the damage, he will not be heading west to face the West Coast next week.

McGregor returned with a win over St Kilda, who suffered a similar injury to Carlton, but was late for the race.

“At the end of the game, he had a certain level of caution and awareness, in the same area as what was happening recently, which is why he was scanned on Saturday morning,” said Bombers’ general manager Josh Mahoney.

“He will not be available for next week’s game against West Coast but we will be closely monitoring his recovery before we assess his condition next week.”

Port Adelaide Young Bren Plant He will be out of action for several weeks after breaking his neck in a game against Sydney.

Tekle, the mid-season producer of the force, definitely had an impact on the initial conversation before his’s altercation with Swan Justin McInerney from WA was wrong.

“We have to admit that Brenne has an impact in his first game in 14 days. He plays hard and hard and protects the broken neck,” said coach Ken Hinkley.

Bombs Back in Victory Over Great Saints Victory | 02 4 Hum 44

“He has enough shocks on him because he’s coming out in half an hour (injured by the sling) ” This was 35 minutes better than ever. ‘

Hinkley confirmed Zak Butters He may be out of the field due to a knee injury.

“We all know how good Zack can be.

“It looks average (but surveys confirm it).”

Richmond There will be Noah’s wife After suffering a hamstring injury in the 15th round win over Carlton.

The Blues need to find another defender after the mid-season recruitment Sam Durdin He suffered a knee injury in the same match.

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