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Casualty Ward, Round 18, Sione Katoa, shoulder Sharks, injuries, ins and outs, return dates

Shinge Katoa sweats by winger Sione Katoa after suffering a shoulder injury in a game against Cowboys.

“This is one of those nightmares when you go on a trial and you have a shoulder to shoulder,” said Brenton Speed.

“I saw him go back with the coach and he heard the pop, so that’s not great news for the sharks,” Brent Tate added.

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He was injured in the 18th round.

Sione Katoa (shoulder) – TBC

Full Damage Ward


Albert Kelly (Foot) – 21st Round

Herbie Farnworth (Biceps) – Unlimited

Payne Hass (shoulder) – 19th round

Cory Paix (head knock) – 19th round

Te Maire Martin (rib) – indefinite

Cory Jensen (calf) – indefinite

Selwyn Cobbo (Head knocking) – TBC

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Jarod Crocker (shoulder) – Season

Josh Hodgson (knee) – Season

Harley Smith-Shields (Knee) – Season

Trey Mooney (ankle) – indefinite

Harry Rashton (jaw) – 25th round

Semi Valme (knee) – 19th round


Chris Patolo (knocking on the head) – indefinite

Ava Seyumanufagai (Calf) – 22nd round

Luke Thompson (symptoms of tremors) – indefinite

Jack Hetherington (shoulder) – Season

Billy Tsikrikas (knee) – Season

Paul Alamoti (face) – 21st round

Aaron Shop (Kovid Protocols) – 19th round

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Sione Katoa (shoulder) – TBC

Jack Williams (shoulder) – 18th round


Jayden Campbell (Dale) – 21st Round

Joe Vuna (knee) – indefinite

Shalin Fuller (leg) – Season

Sea eagles

Morgan Boyle (ankle) – indefinite

Tom Trobojevich (shoulder) – Season

Karl Lawton (knee) – Season


Grant Anderson – 19th round

Tepee Moroa (shoulder) – 20th round

Reimis Smith (pectoral) – period

Xavier Coates (ankle) – 22 rounds

Christian Welch (Achilles) – Season

George Jennings (knee) – Season

Trent Loiro (back) – TBC

Brandon Smith (suspension) – 21st round

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Chris Vea’ila (foot) – indefinite

Dylan Lucas (pectoral) – Season

Bailey Hodgson (elbow) – Season

Bradman Best (Thumb) – 23rd Round


Jordan Maclin (Dale) – 24th round

Ruben Cotter (Dam) – 20th Round

Hailu Lucy (knee) – Season

Mitchell Forest (Season) – Season


Haze Dunster (knee) – Season

Ray Stone – Season

Bryce Cartwright (Ribs) – 19th Round


N / A


Hame Sele (Dale) – 25th Round

Campbell Graham (face) – indefinite

Liam Knight (knee) – Season

James Host (shoulder) – Season

Cameron Murray (head knock) – indefinite

Josh Mansour (Dale) – 19th Round

Peter Mamuzelos (wrist) – 24th round


Tarik Sims (block) – 19th round

Mikaele Ravalawa (Dale) – Last


Luke Keary – Unrestricted

Renouf Atoni (knee) – indefinite

Jared War-Hargrevs (Dale) – 19th Round

Lindsay Collins (head knock) – 19th round

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“Mistakes kill us!” Eskinder at the beginning | 04:01


Ben Murdock-Masilla (elbow) – 22 rounds

Bailey Sironen (Eye) – Round 23

Ronald Volkman (Ill) – 19 rounds

Dalin Watene-Zeleznik (Kovid Protocols) – 19th Round


Tommy Talaw (knee) – 21st round

Alex Tuwal (knocking on the head) – indefinite

Shawn Blore (ACL) – Season

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