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Saturday night must have been a painful sight for the family of Roosters duo Egan and Nat Butcher, after the couple suffered a head injury (HIA) in a collision with Iles.

The 24-year-old was diagnosed with HIA in the first half – the second half of the season failed and he was shaken in the 5th round.

Then his younger brother, Egan, 22, was involved in a serious incident in the second half, which caused him to lose his head and speed up against Ryan Merson.

Materson Dale hit Bucher’s head, knocked him unconscious and sent him to the grass.

A long time later, he was taken off the field with a rope around his neck. He was on the side of the opponent until he left the field.

In reassuring news, Jack Duke later said in the Fox League: “He’s up and running in the shade.”

Meanwhile, in a clash with the Reds on Sunday, star striker Tyson Freezel was hit in the head and suffered an unprecedented beating.

It was later discovered that he had contracted the HIA and was being monitored from the sidelines.

The failed HIA will be relegated from the playoffs after being named in the Origin I squad.

Read below for the NRL Casualty Ward!

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He was injured in the 15th round.

Reuben Cotter (hamstring) – 17-19 rounds

Hamiso Tabui-Fidow (Knocking) – TBC

Nat Butcher – TBC

Egan Butcher (knocking on the door) – TBC

Tyson Frisle (Knock) – TBC

Sydney, Australia – June 18, 20 ፡ ፡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ቡ ሶ ቋል ቋል ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ ሶ (Photo by Brett Hemingings / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Full Damage Ward


Adam Reynolds (rib) – 16 rounds

Cory Paix (19th) – Round 19

Tyson Gamble (Foot) – TBC

Herbi Farnworth (Biceps) – Unlimited

Tessie New (Dale) – 17th Round

Albert Kelly (leg) – 20-21 rounds


Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad (Dale) – Round 18-19

Jarod Crocker (shoulder) – Season

Josh Hodgson (knee) – Season

Harley Smith-Shield – Season


Braidon Burns – Round 16

Chris Patolo (knocked on the head) – Round 16

Ava Seumanufagai (Calf) – Round 16

Luke Thompson (symptoms of tremors) – indefinite

Matt Doorey (knee) – 18th round

Jack Hetherington (shoulder) – Season

Billy Tsikrikas (knee) – Season


Jack Williams (shoulder) – 17th round

Braden Hamlin-Uele (Pector) – Unlimited


Kevin Proctor (BSP) – 16 rounds

David Fifita (16th) – Round 16

Cory Thompson (16th) – Round 16

Jayden Campbell (Dale) – 21st Round

Joe Vuna (knee) – indefinite

Shalin Fuller (Leg) – Season

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Sea eagles

Morgan Boyle (ankle) – indefinite

Brad Parker – Unlimited

Tom Trobojevich (shoulder) – Season

Karl Lawton (knee) – Season


Ryan Papenhuyzen (Kovid Protocols) – Round 16

Will Warbrick (Calf) – 16 rounds

Tom Don’t Miss (Dale) – Round 16

Tepee Moroa (shoulder) – 18th round

Remis Smith (Pektotal) – 22nd round

Christian Welch (Achilles) – Season

George Jennings (knee) – Season

Blues jersey 14 fight continues | 02 ፡ 26


Tyson Frisle (Knock) – TBC

Daniel Safety (Knee) – Round 16

Bradman Best (elbow) – Round 16

Jayden Breley (Achilles) – Unlimited

Chris Vea’ila (foot) – indefinite

Dylan Lucas (pectoral) – Season


Tom Gilbert (Ain) – 16 rounds

Kyle Field – 17th Round

Hailu Lukey (knee) – Season

Mitchell Forest (Season) – Season


Haze Dunster (knee) – Season

Ray Stone – Season


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Latrell Mitchell (Kovid Protocols) – Round 16

Zane Bijorak (knee) – 16th round

Michael Che Cam (back) – Round 16

Jacob Host (shoulder) – Season


Josh McGuire (Illness) – Unlimited

Jones: Shaun is currently struggling | 00:52


Victor Radley (ankle) – 19th round

Renouf Atoni (knee) – indefinite

Jared War-Hargrevs (Dam) – TBC


Eun Aitken (earthquake) – Round 16

Viliami Vailea (jaw) – 19th round

Ben Mordok-Masilla (elbow) – 22-23 rounds

Tom Ale (knee) – indefinite


Stefano Utoikamanu (Leg) – 18th Round

Tommy Talaw (Knee) – 21st Round

Shawn Blore (ACL) – Season

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