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Chicago, Illinois – British Sail Grand Prix champion Sir Ben Ainsley lit up the fuse three times before the second season of the second season with a very slit and a backlash against his Australian counterpart.

In another relaxed and exciting press release ahead of the Chicago-based Silk GP show, Ainsley lit a torch for Australia.

Slingsby, who spent time with the Australian GPA in the opening round of the GPA Championship and the Bermuda opening season, had earlier responded to a question about Jason Waterhouse and named the flight attendant the World’s Best Flight Controller.

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The Australian SILGP team was trained by Tom Slingby during a training session in Chicago, Illinois. Photo: Ricardo Pinto for SailGP.Source fall-provided

Minutes later, when it was time to respond, the five-time Olympic medalist turned up the heat on Slingsby to close the gap with the Australians and turn the host’s question to the men at Down Under were really good at water.

“It’s good to end well for the first time,” said Ainsley, who was pushed out of Australia by British workers last month.

We are very happy to be on a boat.

“Last season we made a lot of unnecessary mistakes and tried to avoid them.

“The Aussies talk about the results, but at the same time, when you hear teams talking about how good they are or how good they are, this is very encouraging.

“It’s a very dangerous line to tread on.”

Great Britain (L) was excavated by Ben Sinsby with the help of Tom Slingby, an Australian (R) team before Ben Ainsley was second in line for the third season of Chicago’s Seattle GP. Photo: Bob Martin for SailGPSource fall-provided

As the audience laughed at the Einsley digging, Slingsby looked shocked.

Slingsby later told

“My question is because Jason Water House has done an amazing job and you think he is the best flight attendant, and my answer is simply yes.

I think all the evidence confirms that Jason Waterhouse is the best flight attendant and Ben is clearly different in this answer.

“I’m telling the facts right now.”

After winning the first two editions of the tournament and winning a $ 1 million prize, Australians are set to head to Lake Michigan this weekend.

By the way, during Friday afternoon practice, light winds proved to be a good change from the occasional breeze on Thursday, but you never know, Slingsby staff relaxed a week ago.

“We have no problem.

“Even then, hearing Ben Ainsley say that we are better than anyone else, it makes him come to him and make him angry and upset, so we don’t have to worry, we are. Getting to Him “

Australian SILGP team on Lake Chicago, Illinois, USA June 17, 2022 Photo by Simon Brutti for SailGP.Source fall-provided

The Formula One is expected to pass the Chicago Course exam to prove that it is as challenging as passing a Monaco GP.

“It could be congested,” says Australian-born U.S. captain Jimmy Spittle.

“Yesterday it felt like a little combination for me, it felt like a little NASCAR and bull riding.”

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